4chan is a site that hosts multiple image-sharing and discussion boards, modeled after the Japanese site 2chan, which initially focused on Japanese culture and then broadened out to also cover additional topics.

Alleged FBI infiltration Edit

There is a rumor that the FBI pressured moot into giving them moderation control of the /b/ board on the grounds of investigating child pornography. One example from 2012:

Hear me out, this may sound crazy but in reality it isn't. Read it from an image that contained posts from moot and irc chat logs.

/b/ had in the past plenty of CP/loli, now most sites that have CP get shut down totally, right?

Well in the case of 4chan, moot practically had to abide by the law and hand over moderation of /b/ to the FBI. He wanted there to be still non-FBI moderators, but they wouldn't have it. Notice how many posts that would be bannable on /b/ for being shit aren't banned? notice how moot accepted janitor applications for every board but /b/?

The FBI is only concerned with CP and the likes of it on /b/, which is fair enough (I suppose- when the alternative is no site or no /b/), but their lack of banhammers for anything else is dumb. And their extension of CP as to mean lolicon.

Alleged 2014 moderator purge Edit

On August 19, an anonymous user who claimed to have been a mod of /d/ said that moot began expelling moderators in July during the ShutDown4Chan raids and replacing them with politically motivated ideologues after Gawker founder Nick Denton blamed 4chan for the attempted suicide of his niece Kassie Washington.

I need for this info to get out. Most of the mods on 4chan have only been in that position for a couple of week.s

The day after the #ShutDown4CHAN thing happened in july, moot called a meetign with all the mods in a IRC. He said that a girl did atempt suicide and that she had connections and they wanted blood.

Moot demanded that we use everything we can to remove anything wanting to "fuck up sjw shit". Needless to say a lot of mod anons called out moot and were kicked from the chat.

Before one was kicked he told every mod agianst this this shit to meet in a 4craft server. We all did and discussed how fucked up this was. Over the next few days our chats about it became emails which became skype calls. In the end we agreed that the next big fuck up the sjws make then we will let whatever happens happen.

What came next was dashcon.

We let the discussion go on like normal. Some mods did moots bidding and banned. Others were left in the threads bumping. What was left was nearly 2/3 of 4chan's given the boot.

We we're all purged and outed.

One ousted mod anon was also a mod for 420chan and wizardchan. He said that alot of the mods thier were also exiled.

He gave proof, in the form of a collection of perma banned notices for dozens of IPS. And a list of those same IPs in log records for mod services.

We flipped our shit and began looking for more chans that this had happened to. 7chan, mchan, getchan and even shrekchan had massive mod axeings on the same day as 4chan.u

The next day a mod who wasnt outed contacted us. To our horror he told us that the new mods are complete sjws and openly call for permabans for alot of 4chan "board culture".

As we dug deeper we found out that the same thing was happening to alot of subreddits. Normally we would say fuck em. But they told us that tons of non sjw mods had thier accounts sieged and them ip banned.

Deeper we dug and found out that dozens of forum mods and website mods were either changed or became rabbid sjw over night.

Currently this is the deepest we have dug. The girl who attempted suicide was kassie washington. niece of nick denton owner and publisher of gawker media

On September 16, an anonymous poster claiming to be the same user reported that all but four of 4chan's 45+ moderators had been banned or forced to leave 4chan because of Gamergate, including 4chan founder Moot.

moot had abandoned us, he hasnt had any activity since he purged the old mods

we assume he just gave up to focus on his own life and left the new mods have free riegn

let me tell you something also. the one mod who was still on our side, the one who has been reporting to us about the sjw new mods, was vanned for "spamming cp" in the gamergate threads.


i can tell you that 4chan had atleast 45 mods in total and around 28 of them were purged. of that 28 only 23 meet in the 4craft server, and only 17 of those people keeped communication after that.

as this whole debacle went on and escalated, a former mod left about every week or so.

then thier was 10, 3 of which was in the IRC chat kinda sorta directing things (1 of these zoe quinn got in irc screencaps)

after anita got flooded with CP. 4 was what we had left. thats all there is now.

all thats left of the 4chan old guard

Censorship of Gamergate Edit

On September 16, 4chan moderators announced that 4chan would no longer be allowing any discussion of Gamergate.

On 9/18, a user was banned from 4chan for arguing that the claimed reasons for banning 4chan threads were false. The reason given was "Spamming/Flooding."

On 9/18, a user was banned for posting a link to 8chan, where Gamergate researchers had moved to.

On September 19, Twitter user @TheBestGamers reported:

/v/'s mods are deleting threads just complaining about kotaku specifically. theyre seriously filtering out any negativity towards journalism

September 18 moderator log Edit

According to an alleged 4chan moderators' log dated September 18:

  • On September 14, moot had ordered moderators to delete all Gamergate threads on the advice of Anita Sarkeesian
  • On September 16, Cracked blackmailed 4chan into censoring Gamergate discussion by threatening to publish a negative article on 4chan and by threatening to have feminist hackers attack the web site.
  • On or near September 16, moot received a death threat from an unspecified "hacker group" that has his home address and a private email account.
  • moot announced plans to ban everyone who has ever talked about Gamergate
  • 4chan moderators have doxxed Nero, MundaneMatt, and others discussing Gamergate

Moderator reactions Edit

Moderator names were censored in the pastebin.

  • REDACTED 1 mocked victims of censorship as crying "MUH FREESPEECH"
  • REDACTED 2 announced The Internet Aristrocrat's name and the name of his employer and suggested that 4chan moderators "call him at work and get him fired"
  • REDACTED 4 advised that "if you want to rebuild 4chan, the first step is banning EVERY. SINGLE. GAMERGATE. SUPPORTER."
  • REDACTED 5 suggested "we just scare the supporters off"
  • REDACTED 6 claimed to have received a death threat, and raised the idea of threatening to dox users who post to /v/
  • REDACTED 7 said the entire issue was "a bunch of stupid fucking nerds making posts about some game dev" and "a war between rational people who just want to support women, and lanky disgusting fucks who can't stand the idea of a woman having sex," discussed an earlier bomb threat, and advised moot to "permanently ban everyone who's posted in Gamergate threads"
  • REDACTED 8 advised against doxxing the site's users and joked about moot turning SJW
  • REDACTED 10 announced having "dox on a lot of Gamergate supporters."

Confirmation of censorship Edit

On September 19, moot justified the blanket censorship of Gamergate-related threads by claiming that they all contained personal information or calls to invasion.

Moderator doxxing of 4chan users Edit

On 28 September, KingOfPol reported having been doxxed by a 4chan moderator on /pol/. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

For everyone asking for proof, I cannot link to it due to it being pictures of me and my Facebook information. idk how else to prove it without showing myself up. It was under a 4chan thread on /pol/ about thr 500 post limit. I remained anon and a mod started to link pics of me and then dropped my facebook where he got them from. It was 5 pictures and then me+my mom pic with my facebook info.

Other censorship Edit

On September 19, it was reported that 4chan's moderators were deleting threads about the Ebola virus.

Moderators Edit

Baltz Edit

Allegations against other moderators Edit

From a kym thread:

OK, from what I know, the mods “Alternative” and Neon are the ones doing the banhammering.

See alsoEdit

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