4chan description Edit

According to an anonymous critic from 4chan:

a_girl_irl is not a her, it is a he. He also has been kicked out of most major online communities for being too much of an SJW. He was banned from Metafilter twice, and was kicked from SomethingAwful at least once. Him and his wife are anarchocommunists from Brooklyn, and his wife has ties to Occupy Wall Street. He, a nearing 40 year old man, slacks off at his graphic design job and has dozens to probably hundreds of SJW and nazi sockpuppets over the last ten years, see:

He now goes under the moniker @ScottyTonga

He is very, very good at hiding his tracks.

For instance, he is a moderator of ShitRedditSays, see:

I don't know which moderator yet, but it is heavily implied in his Metafilter comments that he was one of the original founders of SRS.

He also has been involved in every single Twitter SJW debacle since Twitter started (including that recent doxing of a ten year old kid, which he instigated). Yet somehow he has managed to stay under the radar. He also has no internet footprint under his powerword/IRL name, at all.

The dude literally spends 24/7 on the internet in the name of social justice (going back AFAIK ten years, there are posts of his on forums back in 2004 trolling and antagonizing anyone to the right of him). Dozens of his and his wife's friends are a who's-who of Brooklyn social justice, weird twitter, and left wing indie media. He is most likely lurking this thread right now, either by having a google alert on his 'nym, or by his inner cadre of FYAD/Weird Twitter SJWs who also lurk here.

The guy is a professional SJW. He lives and breathes this stuff. He is also an incredibly toxic individual, and his mannerisms/tactics -- calling for murders of right wingers, rampant doxing of anyone who disagrees with him -- will continue to be a major influence on the whole movement (he has already influenced SRS). The guy is a Stalin in waiting.

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