Adrienne Shaw authored the 2011 article Do you identify as a gamer? Gender, race, sexuality, and gamer identity.

Career Edit

Shaw is co-chair of the International Communication Association's GLBT Studies Special Interest Group. [2]

Research Edit

  • Putting the Gay in Games - Cultural Production and GLBT Content in Video Games, Games and Culture, Volume 4 Number 3, July 2009
  • What is Video Game Culture? Cultural Studies and Game Studies, Games and Culture, 2010
  • Do you identify as a gamer? Gender, race, sexuality, and gamer identity, New Media & Society, 2011

Gamer identity Edit

In Do you identify as a gamer?, Shaw finds that:

Identity as a gamer intersects with other identities like gender, race, and sexuality. Negative connotations about gaming lead people to not identify as gamers, and even to not play video games.

In particular, Shaw finds that women who play video games are less likely to identify as "gamers".

In her conclusion, Shaw discounts attempts to target minority demographics as counterproductive and calls instead for marketing video games as a normal activity enjoyed by all demographics.

... targeting groups on the basis of essentialized notions of identity ... marks those groups as peripheral gaming markets; it does not create a more diverse video game market ... Normalizing video games for all audiences, finding ways to emphasize their ‘everydayness’ in contemporary media culture, is a more productive approach to demands for representation.

References Edit

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