Alex Lifschitz is the son of Gehr Group executive David Lifschitz.[1] [citation needed] (dead link)

Game of Fear describes him as being the boyfriend of Zoe Quinn in late February 2015 when Zoe and Alex met Zachary Jason for dinner at Van Shabu, a sushi joint in Dorchester. It also mentions that they began dating a week before Gjoni published “The Zoe Post.” As that was 16 August 2014, this would mean they began dating 9 August 2014.


He held a talk at Critical Proximity, March 16 2014, called "The Treachery of Games", [2], where he stated that 'Depression Quest was more valid than any other mere video game could ever hope to be.'

'I view creators, of not just games but all media, as cultural cartographers, with a duty of "praising their maps" falling to you, the critics. Not just for their presentation and legibility, nor their format, but for their accuracy, and as the proverb goes: "The best way to learn about the journey ahead is to ask someone who's just returning from it". Except this industry, this readership, this consumer demographic, we demand knowledge of the route but shun knowledge of the journey. We want to muzzle your experience and call it "journalist impartiality".' [Alex uses air quotes whilst saying those two words.] 'Let's be perfectly clear: impartiality is bullshit.'

4chan moderationEdit

in an article section by Encyclopedia Dramatica, an editor claimed that Lifschitz was probably a 4chan mod.

This coincides with observations that discussion of Zoe on 4chan being banned happened in close proximity to them beginning to date.



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