Anita Sarkeesian is a "progressive" feminist and the Host of the controversial Feminist Frequency.

She is mostly known in the gaming community for her video series: Women vs Tropes, where she claims that videogames causes and promotes violence against women with specific tropes used in videogames.

Threats and harassment Edit

Kevin Dobson threat Edit

On August 27, 2014, a new Twitter account using the name "Kevin Dobson" sent a string of death treats to Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian posted a screenshot of the threats three minutes after the first threat was sent and twelve seconds after the last, leading to speculation that she may have made the threats herself.

Child porn accusationEdit

On September 5 or 6, 2014, it has been alleged somebody tweeted child pornography to Sarkeesian. is a dead link*/

AnitaChristian threats Edit

Gamergate investigator Sanc tracked a series of threats against Sarkeesian by Twitter user FBCelebrinado/AnitaChristian to Brazilian video game journalist Mateus Prado Sousa.

Mateus claimed to have a team of three people making threats. [1]

Utah State University Edit

On October 14, 2014, Anita Sarkeesian canceled a speech at Utah State University after several university staff received a terrorist threat that promised "a Montreal Massacre style attack." [2] [3]

The talk was to be on the subject of "What if Super Mario was Super Maria?" 8chan users had suggested that students mention the Great Giana Sisters, videotape the speech for future criticism, or pull a fire alarm. [citation needed]

According to the Deseret News: [4]

The threatening email was sent at 10:15 p.m. Monday [Oct. 13], but wasn't discovered until recipients began checking their in-boxes the next morning. The school and police exchanged at least five emails with Sarkeesian's assistant, according to [USU spokesman Tim] Vitale ...

When it came to canceling the presentation, however, Sarkeesian cited concerns that concealed weapons would be allowed in the auditorium. She said she had requested increased security, including pat-downs or metal detectors for those coming to the presentation, but was denied based on Utah's firearms laws.

Origin of the Utah State threat Edit

The threat was widely reported to have come from Gamergate investigators, although no evidence was presented that this was the case. [citation needed]

References Edit

  4. McKenzie Romero, Feminist speaker claims USU didn't warn her about campus shooting threat, Deseret News, October 16, 2014,

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