Anna Anthropy is a game developer known for Dys4ia and Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars.

Into ZZT. Also known as Shigesato and Blue Magus.

Twitter: @auntiepixelante

Conflict of interest Edit

Anthropy was previously in a long relationship with Daphny David in Oakland, California. While Anthropy and David were living together, they were the landlord of Patricia Hernandez, a writer for Kotaku, who lived with them. Patricia Hernandez has written favorable reviews of Anthropy's games (Dys4ia and Triad) without disclosing this conflict of interest.[1][2]

Gamergate activity Edit

On November 14, 2014, Anna Anthropy discouraged people from talking to William Usher, the journalist who disclosed the existence of the GameJournoPros list:

DO NOT talk to william usher, he is a gaamrrgate dude trying to collect dirt on alt games communities



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