The Bill Waggoner Crew or BWC is a group of online trolls named for spammer Bill Waggoner, who says he has nothing do with the group.

Gamergate activities Edit

Twitter user Gh0stP0litics doxed a #gamergate campaigner "on behalf of the #BWC." [1]

CommanderXanon announced OpGamerGate, a campaign to dox Gamergate participants. [2]

LulzTalkRadio threatened to call SWAT teams to attack anyone still discussing Gamergate. [3]

On October 24, 2014, LulzTalkRadio announced "another big dox drop" over the weekend.

On October 25, 2014, a BWC member spammed the Gamergate wikia page.

Anonymous report Edit

An anonymous video claims that Laurelai is involved in BWC/OpGamerGate and that CommanderXanon and Laurelai are known FBI informants. [4]

InternetZenMster thread Edit

Twitter user InternetZenMster attempted to get the Bill Waggoner Crew to admit to being behind doxxings and harassment that have been blamed on gamers. While the BWC account OfficialWaggon did not directly accept responsibility, it did not disagree with IZM's claim that BWC was responsible for these incidents.

Gawker payment screenshot Edit

Someone published a screenshot of an online pay stub for Bill Waggoner being paid by Gawker. [citation needed] The image is generally considered to be a hoax. [citation needed]

Other activities Edit

Bill Waggoner Edit

The Bill Waggoner Crew was credited with getting Bill Waggoner kicked off Internet Talk Radio in April 2010. [5]

The BWC has claimed to be paid by Waggoner, [6] but they may be trolling.

Visual Basic troll Edit

On June 11, 2010, BWC member jandea trolled the C Programming discussion board by promoting Visual Basic as a "revolutionary high level language." [7]

The Buttstalkers Edit

From 2010 through 2012, BWC members known as the Internet Buttstalkers often trolled the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. [8]

Memorial attacks Edit

In 2010, the BWC posted offensive material on a memorial website for traffic accident victim Travis McAfee. [9]

In 2013, the BWC posted offensive material on a memorial website for suicide victim Bart Palosz. [10]

In 2013, the BWC posted offensive material on a memorial website for Evelyn Clarke, who fell from a skyscraper in Dubai. [11]

In August 2013, the BWC posted offensive material on a memorial website for construction worker Nicholas Mackenzie. [12]


In 2010, the BWC announced plans to target online pedophiles in 2011. [13]

800notes DDOS Edit

In November 2011, someone using the name Charto911 claiming to be from a "reverse SEO" company threatened and then launched a DDOS attack against the website 800notes. An anonymous comment blamed the BWC. [14]

True Capitalist Army Edit

In 2012, BWC operated in coordination with Melting Pot of Friendship (MPoF) under the name "True Capitalist Army". [15]

Psychic Kay Edit

Psychic Kay is a Blog Talk Radio host who was harassed by BWC in 2012. [16]

A: Most people of heard of Ghost, from True Capitalist Radio (if not, lurk more). Some time in the middle of his broadcasting career, he took a week-long hiatus. In this time, the caller known as EquestrianCitizen978 created a Steam group (along with Jeffers, Capercom, EnixSquared, and a few others) known as the Blog Talk Pirates, who would fill in the void of trolling by looking for other BTR hosts. Eventually, the group stumbled upon Psychic Kay, and they have been calling in and trolling her for about a year and a half now. BTP has changed its named from Blog Talk Pirates, to Equestria Sector Zero, to Blog Talk Crusaders, and it is now called "Everfree Bandits".

Later, a group comprised of True Capitalist Army members created a group called the "Kay Gallagher Brigade", or KGB for short. The KGB has been calling since as early as march, and has also conducted other raids in Kay's name to draw negative attention to her. The Kay Gallagher Brigade is currently the major group raiding Kay, and those who call kay will be raiding her show alongside them.

Telephone threats Edit

In 2012, a caller from a phone number in Minnesota began threatening and harassing apparently random people. An anonymous reporter claimed that the caller was from the BWC. [17]

References Edit

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