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Brololz Edit

On September 18, 2014, Brianna Wu created the joke Twitter account Drake Harper / Brololz. Comments that Wu made under this account include:[1]

Those #gamergate SJW BITCHES PISS ME OFF BRO. But bigger concern is systematic exclusion of women's voices in gamer media. #NOTnotyourshield

Boobs are pretty, and I want to touch them, BRO.

HAVE A FUCKING MURDERBONER about #gamergate. But, FUCK. What if women have perspective on their lives that's impossible for me to grasp?

Operation False Fag II Edit

On October 8, 2014, somebody created an image describing "Operation False Fag II", a campaign to criticize Brianna Wu's game as sexist and demeaning to women. At some point the image was posted to 8chan's /b/ board. Wu brought attention to the image on October 17. Within two minutes of being asked to explain why the image predated Wu being noticed by the Gamergate movement, Wu deleted her tweet about it. [2]

Oppressed Gamergater meme Edit

On October 9, 2014, Brianna Wu created the "Oppressed Gamergater" meme to mock people opposed to censorship and corruption. After critics used the same meme to mock people who support censorship and corruption, Wu claimed that this was harassment. [citation needed]

October 10 doxxing and death threats Edit

Doxxing Edit

On October 10, 2014 at 19:52:46, somebody posted Brianna Wu's address, phone number, and e-mail address on 8chan. Wu tweeted about the doxxing within four minutes, saying "8chan/#gamergate just doxxed me, posting all kinds of personal information about me." 8chan users generally condemned the doxxing or accused Wu of doxxing herself. The information published on 8chan was Wu's public contact information from the whois database.

Death threat Edit

On October 10, six minutes after reporting the 8chan doxxing, Brianna Wu began receiving death threats from new Twitter account @chatterwhiteman. Twitter user GGFeminist reported receiving the exact same threat weeks earlier for promoting the #gamergate hashtag.

Wu accused gaming news site IGN and developer Ubisoft of encouraging this type of behavior.

News coverage Edit

The death threat against Wu was covered by: [1]

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October 12 Edit

Fake harassment on 8chan Edit

On October 21 at 9:13, somebody started a thread on 8chan saying:

"And you people keep trying to tell me that #GamerGate is not a harassment campaign." The same user replied:
"Fuck you cunt. I bet you're one of those stupid feminists who support women in gaming. I hope you get fucking raped and killed."

On October 21 at 9:40, somebody posted on 8chan:

"When do we start harassing Brianna Wu?"

The same person replied: "Soon"

"In 10 minutes"
"Aight. I'm gonna be sending rape and death threats to her, as a proud supporter of #Gamergate."

This implies that evidence indicating death and rape threats was being faked to implicate 8chan.

Fake Twitter account Edit

A harasser created the fake Twitter account @spacekatgaI to impersonate Wu and say offensive things in her name.

October 31 death threats / Doemela incident Edit

At 9:51 PM October 31, Brianna Wu received the same death threat from Twitter users @retuites, @anonlulznetwork, @BlackAFraction, and @AnonNamaste, who use the symbology of the Anonymous group in their user icons.

At 10:07 PM October 31, Anonymous member @Doemela / Lorax, host of the Cyberguerrilla Anonymous Nexus, asked Brianna Wu into a private discussion "to clarify our position" about "that hashtag that is no allowed to be spoken anymore." @Doemela and @AnonNamaste have the same user description and link to in their user profiles. The user icon of @AnonNamaste is also used by Cyberguerrilla's Lorax Live radio show.

Marketing oddities Edit

On October 11, 2014, somebody promoted Wu's game Revolution 60 as a "serious contender for GOTY" while using the name of comedian Debra Wilson's Mad TV character Bunifa Jackson.

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