C+= is a parody "feminist" programming language that was a target of mass censorship from the Internet several months before Gamergate.

History Edit

On November 26, 2013, Arielle Schlesinger of HASTAC condemned all computer programming languages as exclusionary of feminists and called for the development of a feminist programming language. A group of pranksters calling themselves the Feminist Software Foundation responded by writing a parody description of a feminist programming language and then a working implementation of the language.

Censorship Edit

By December 21, 2013, the C+= implementation had been deleted from Github, Bitbucket, and Google Code.

A Reddit thread discussing the Schlesinger article was hidden from the /r/programming subreddit.

Hacker News deleted an article titled "Did GitHub break your trust censoring the Feminist Language Parody?"

Attacks Edit

Twitter users @aaronm, @sinthetix, @atweetingtwit, and @lindseybieda discussed identifying the contributors and contacting their workplaces.

Twitter user @jacobian tried to get Cloudflare to revoke the website's domain by claiming "it's being used harass, impersonate, and intimidate women."

Evan Cofsky reported the language to Bitbucket as a "Harassing Repository" that "is obviously set up to target people" with "harassment campaigns"

Later activity Edit

On March 23, 2014, the Feminist Software Foundation pranked the Linux Kernel Mailing List with a call to replace the "hateful, hurtful" word "the" with the gender-neutral "xhe".

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