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Camproperty Investment is the company of Chris Myung and Daniel T. Chung of Myung and Chung Investments of California. [1]

Connection to Gamergate Edit

Corporation Wiki lists Camproperty Investment as one of the principals of Isaksen Investments LLC, the company of Leonard and Joanne Isaksen of Los Angeles. [2] The same Leonard Isaksen is the registered agent for AppAbove Games, the company of Aaron Isaksen of New York. [3] [4]

Other relationships Edit

Camproperty Investment was a principal of T & R Investments, LLC of California, the company of Richard T. Dubois, Todd Edmond, and Javier Chavez. [5]

A company called Camproperty was a principal of A & P Main LLC of California, the company of Parvez Abdi which was closely associated with Shadi Aslemand, widow of Yoram Pourtavoosi of Beverly Hills. [6] Abdi and Pourtavoosi were partners in Main & Pico, LLC. [7]

References Edit

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