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Gamergate tweets Edit

On October 15, CBC News participated in the StopGamerGate2014 campaign by tweeting "the internet has had enough of Gamergate."

On November 8, CBC reporters John Bowman and Philip Lee-Shanok joked about the complaints that the ombudsman would be receiving over a mention of Gamergate.

November 13 report Edit

On November 13, 2014, CBC ran a report accusing journalists David Pakman, John Idarola, Milo Yiannopoulos, and several Internet personalities of threatening women. 1 2 Deana Sumanac presented the report. [1]

The report opens with an announcer stating that "A month ago a blogger received death threats over her commentary on women in the industry", followed by a video showing that the announcer is referring to Anita Sarkeesian and the Utah State threats that a Something Awful goon took credit for. [citation needed] The announcer then promises to show "what women are doing to stand up to the bullying" before turning the show over to Sumanac.

The report presented "hope u die raped." as one of the tweets that Sarkeesian received. A web search finds neither example of nor commentary on this tweet. A second example given is one of the Kevin Dobson tweets whose origin is disputed, with suspicion that "Anita made these tweets herself, logged out, and took a screen-cap."

Gersande La Fleche, the Twitter Coordinator for Concordia University's Technoculture, Art and Games Centre (TAG), [2] reported receiving a death threat and child pornography for tweeting "#istandwithzoequinn". In describing the harassment received by La Fleche, Sumanac states that "La Fleche was attacked by an online group of gamers whose activities are known as Gamergate." To illustrate the point with examples of "online harassment of female gamers," CBC presents innocuous tweets by @Max_x_Milla, Milo Yiannopoulos, Phil Mason, @GGFeminist, DrBobyFlavor, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Margaret Gel, and Youtube videos by David Pakman, The Investigamer, John Idarola of The Young Turks, and Phil Mason. Also mentioned in the tweets are @suellentrop, @benfritz, TotalBiscuit, Stephen Totilo, and Andrew Sullivan.

Mia Consalvo of DiGRA and Concordia University says that women are dropping out of game development courses, and that "social media needs better reporting channels for potential abuse."

Sumanac promotes the Gamerella hackathon as an example of women "banding together" and "not allowing themselves to be bullied out of the community," with the implication that the aforementioned Twitter accounts are responsible for bullying. Gamerella is a product of the TAG Centre at Concordia University, led by Bart Simon and Lynn Hughes. [2]

Gersande La Fleche has previously been a web developer for Minority Media, a company whose founder Vander Caballero sent a letter about Gamergate to the New York Times. [3]

References Edit

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