Charto911 is a username that has been used by a Florida businessman who has no relation to the Bill Waggoner Crew.

John Taylor Edit

Was the name of a gentleman from Fort Pierce, Florida who enjoyed fishing and automobiles.

Charo Edit

In 2007, someone using Taylor's email address, calling himself "Rich", and describing himself as "The Myth from Harvard and sports handicapping picks lover" took credit for creating the Wikipedia page Market Profile.

Possible relationships Edit

In 2010, a "John" from Pro Sports Selections attempted to sell a list of e-mail accounts of 60,000 online gamblers.

In 2012, someone using the Pure Profit Plays phone number while claiming to be from Los Angeles posted an advertisement promising to "MAKE YOU THOUSANDS WAGERING ON SPORTS!"

Someone claiming to be from Pro Sports Selections of Chicago, Illinois promised customers that they would make thousands of dollars every week.

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