Dame Celeste is a stealth game developed by a group of programmers and designers from Georgia Tech that was released in late August or early September 2014. The game includes numerous memetic elements as comic relief, including some that resemble themes of the current attack on video game players.

Credits Edit

  • Kelly Snyder - Project Manager / Designer
  • Mathew Guzdial - Lead developer
  • Adam Le Doux - Developer
  • Chris Burgese - Composer
  • Rose Peng - Lead Artist
  • Yardley Jackson - Artist
  • Beau Wright - Voices
  • Rachell Dziezynski - Voices

Controversial themes Edit

  • Several references are made to "Arcadia" -- which may be read as the land of video game arcades -- which is described as a place where men outnumber women by 25 to 1 and it is the style for women to wear chainmail bikinis. A character named Sharkeesian is the "Ambassador to Arcadia."
  • The villain is portrayed as disrespectful to women (and everyone else), forces the heroine to wear a dress, complains that she "friendzoned" him, shouts "By my neckbeard!", and has a fedora collection.
  • A character complains that "the king is making us staple pink bows to our helmets and hats if we're girls." This likely refers to Anita Sarkeesian's "Ms. Male Character" manufactured controversy that all videogames in 2013 are sexist because Ms. Pac Man in 1982 was Pac Man with a bow on her head.
  • In order to win the game, you have to make choices to reject the ideas that people have a right to their own opinions and that reasoned discussion is a suitable path to changing minds. Opposing arguments are described as "false personas." When the opponent attempts "to play devil's advocate..." the answer is to refuse to allow the opponent to make an argument. The villain shouts "FREEE SPEEECH" when asked to be understanding of others' opinions.

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