Danielle Gieger claims to have been the target of attacks for opposing postmodern feminism.

Women Against Feminism Edit

In late July 2014, Danielle Gieger promoted the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism on Facebook with the message:

I don't need feminism because...

My self-worth is not directly tied to the size of my victim complex!

As a woman in the Western world, I am not oppressed, and neither are you!

Geiger reported receiving death threats in retaliation for the post.

Gamergate Edit

On October 8, 2014, Danielle Gieger reported Amazon was withholding her royalties after she had discussed Gamergate.

Alright SJWs, come after my accounts, but dont come after my books. I was reported to Amazon for plagiarism&now they're holding my royalties

According to Reddit user Twitterbit, Gieger further reported on Twitter:

Okay, listen up, #GamerGate. Multiple tweets coming. Just got off the phone with Kindle. There is no claim of plagiarism against me. BUT! Today, alone, they've received over 30 messages trying to report me for plagiarism. These claims had no evidence, of course, so they were Written off. Then, someone called and tried to change my bank account info. Which means this email I received is from a fake account. So no Harm done, thanks to Kindle protections, but this is clearly a group scare tactic, based on the amount of claims made.