Daphny David is a Patreon user who also uses Twitter.

History Edit

David was previously in a long relationship with Anthony Testa (who makes video games under the name Anna Anthropy, among others) in Oakland, California. While David and Testa were living together, they were the landlord of Patricia Hernandez, a writer for Kotaku, who lived with them. Patricia Hernandez has written favorable reviews of Testa's games (Dys4ia and Triad) without disclosing this conflict of interest.[1][2] David called herself Anna Anthropy's public relations person in 2013 (before their breakup).

David lives in Seattle, Washington with her boyfriend James Murff, a white cis straight man. Murff is a TIGSource moderator known online as DragonMaw and an Independent Games Festival judge since 2010.

Comic book creator Brandon Graham gave David a cameo in his comic King City. In mentioning this, David accidentally linked the name of Graham to the Twitter account of Independent Games Festival chairman Brandon Boyer.[3] They are two different people. 1 2

On September 6, 2014, David tweeted "HA HA YOU LOSE" to video game developer Paul Hubans after Hubans tweeted a link to a video about Gamergate. Hubans then accused David of having "thought it would be funny to slap me in the face pretty hard at a GDC party as a way of saying hi."[3]

David warned A Man In Black not to interact with William Usher, the journalist who exposed the GameJournoPros mailing list.[4]

Patreon Edit

Those funding Daphny David on Patreon include:[3][5]

References Edit

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