Davis M.J. Aurini

Davis M.J. Aurini is a blogger and former infantry soldier from the Canadian Forces [citation needed]. He's a self-published author , white supremacist[1], reactionary monarchist, conspiracy theorist[2] self-described "marketing stategist (sic) and political consultant,"[3] and entrepreneur[citation needed]. He works on the SarkeesianEffect project together with Jordan Owen.

Early Life and CareerEdit

Davis M.J. Aurini was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario before moving to Aidrie, Alberta in the late-eighties. After High School he traveled back and forth across the country, spent seven years serving as an Infantry soldier in Canada’s military reserve[citation needed], where he claims to have first been taught that women are "morally inferior... Monsters."[4] He studied History at McMaster University[citation needed]

He started blogging in 2008, and has since then talked on a whole variety of subject matters, including politics, ehtics, video games and journalistic integrity.

In 2012 he released his first novel, As I walk these broken roads.

#GamerGate and the #SarkeesianEffectEdit

Far before the GamerGate movement began, Aurini was involved in criticizing Anita Sarkeesian 's methods of debating , as well as those of other feminists. On August 23rd, 2014 , he released a video announcing he started up the #SarkeesianEffect, which would be a documentary that would debate whether Sarkeesian and other feminists want equality and protection of minorities or rather feminine supremacy, and how journalists handle that debate. He and Jordan owen started up a Patreon for the documentary which would be needed to fund it. 

On September 9, 2014, he released a podcast where he stated that if the GamerGate movement would win, the whole cause would be lost quickly, stating that GamerGate should not end after dealing with a small group of specific people, but rather face the bigger issues as a whole, and that the problem would return in a small period of time. 




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