Eron Gjoni aka antinegationism aka rufsketch1 is an ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn who wrote TheZoePost in August 2014, which led up to the Quinnspiracy that evolved into GamerGate.

Gjoni has stated that the original version of his post was "really really long" and "boring," so he made it more "entertaining" and "marketed it to people who would be in the mood to be entertained by depressing things."

He has also written that he condemns the harassment of Zoe and that "if there was any conflict of interest between Zoe and Nathan regarding coverage of Depression Quest prior to April, I have no evidence to imply that it was sexual in nature."

Criticism of news reporting about GjoniEdit

xdustinx writes that Gjoni's post did not accuse Zoe Quinn of trading sex for reviews:

But that hasn't stopped The Independent, The Telegraph, Yahoo, The Washington Post, CNN, Vice, Forbes, Mass Media, The Hilltop, 24dash, Daily Life, Baylor Lariat, Daily Review, and Sun News among MANY, MANY others -- even a YouTube Nation video - from getting the most basic tenant of the origin of the story completely wrong.


October 2014Edit

October 16 The Man Who Sparked GamerGate by Joseph Bernstein of Buzzfeed

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