Fark is a news feed and discussion forum known for a boy's club atmosphere with daily "Boobies" posts of scantily clad women, routine jokes in article titles about prison rape in reference to the movie Office Space, and a comment filter that rewrites curse words. The website's mascot is a squirrel with large testicles.

Anti-Misogyny Policy Edit

Policy announcement Edit

On 18 Aug 2014, Fark administrator Drew Curtis announced a new policy against "misogyny," stating that the guidelines had been in development for several months.

Controversy Edit

Slashdot users blamed the change on moderator Genevieve Marie, also known as Genevieve Dempre. From the comments:

Basically Fark has one particular mod, of a gender I don't need to mention, who gets upset every time she greenlights another trashy Jezebel link and the Fark regulars (rightly) rip it to shreds. Admittedly, some posters cross the lines of good taste in doing so, but most just point out that Jezebel itself does more to advance misogyny than any forum trolls could ever do.

I have been a member of Fark since 2001, and watch her epic rise and subsequently taking over the reigns from Drew. She is the same girl who wrote an article for MS Magazine about her being a slut in college and blaming it on the guys, not herself.

Oh, wow. I remember the shitstorm when they announced that she'd been appointed as a moderator. I'm all for diversity in moderation, but a self-acknowledged attention whore is the last person you want "moderating".

What's lower is FARK mods already banning people over on FARK for things being said here and on Reddit.

Precedents Edit

bloodynose ban Edit

On 08 May 2007, bloodynose was banned from Fark for photoshopping a little girl into the place of Lynndie England in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. After bloodynose created a web page to complain about the ban, Fark began filtering all mention of that page.

WireEater ban Edit

On or before 2010, WireEater was banned from Fark for a photoshopping depicting a fictional "Anti-Gay Co." selling a "Gay-GoAwayKit" of a camouflage suit, stuffed deer, and a bow and arrow set for homophobic high school boys to prove they are "MANLY" men and not gay.

Huffington Post discussion Edit

On February 6, 2013, Fark founder Drew Curtis participated in a Huffington Post discussion on the subject of "How To Counteract A Racist Sexist Homophobic Moron." Participants included:

Lootie ban Edit

On March 22, 2014, Fark banned the picture of "Lootie", a man carrying a bucket of beer through floodwaters during Hurricane Katrina, who had been added as an meme and an in-joke to nearly every Photoshop contest since the hurricane.

Relationship to Gamergate Edit

On 19 Aug 2014, a day after announcing the anti-misogyny policy, Fark advertised Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest in its news feed.

Censorship Edit

Reddit user weltallic claims that comments discussing Gamergate are removed from Fark, citing a comment comparing media coverage of Gamergate to media coverage of the arguments for invading Iraq in 2003.