Felicia Day is an actress.

Gamergate Edit

Felicia Day was doxxed within 45 minutes of publishing a blog post accusing Gamergate commentators of causing her to be afraid of video game players despite being one herself. The doxxer repeated the doxxing on Facebook under the name "Internet Aristocat", an attempt to impersonate Internet Aristocrat.

Reporter Edit

Twitter user @a_man_in_black was first to discover and report both doxxings. [citation needed]

This user had previously described as "pretty sexist" the concern whether the close relationships between gaming journalists and certain indie developers led to favorable coverage, and condemned the #notyourshield campaign as "tribalism."

Link to Something Awful Edit

@a_man_in_black uses the Reddit username PopcornDotGif and is a user of the paid forums of Something Awful.

Possible link to Wikipedia Edit

Twitter user @a_man_in_black shares the user name of Wikipedia sysop A Man In Black.

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