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2012 IGF Edit

Procedures Edit

Procedures for the 2012 IGF [1]

Games to be nominated for the 2012 IGF are considered from September through December 2011 while finalists are examined from January through March of 2012

The finalist judges for the IGF are made public and are high profiles within gaming. They can be indie developers, big name developers, journalists, whatever the chair of the IGF decides. It's still not known how they are selected.

The nominations judges are hundreds of anonymous individuals... The previous year's public finalist judges commonly return to be anonymous nominations judges the following year. The judges are assigned games to judge but can also vote on any other game, even games they are not assigned to. For a game to be considered for a finalist position, it needs to have a majority of all votes cast on it to be positive... Games are assigned eight judges and those judges are not even required to play the games they are assigned.

Matthew Wegner's Flashbang Studios wrote the IGF judging software. [1]

Jury panels Edit

For the 2012 IGF, the dozens of judges were divided into several categories. [2]

ShortFatOtaku connects the Excellence in Design category judges Robin Hunicke and Andy Schatz to the Indie Fund, implying that they may have used their positions to promote the game Fez. [1] However, Fez was not nominated in the Design category that Hunick and Schatz voted in. [3]

Judges voting on games they never played Edit

The game Kale in Dinoland was submitted to the 2012 IGF and included metrics that enabled the developer to know who played it and for how long. These metrics showed that four of the eight IGF judges assigned to review the game did not play it, and three stopped playing after five minutes. [4]

William Thurston, the developer of Foozle, reported that no IGF judges had asked for his game's promo codes until after the extended deadline, when one judge requested a code. [4]

John Millard of Two Lives Left reported that only three of the assigned judges had played his game Crabitron. [4]

Mikael Hedberg reported that no judges had downloaded his game, let alone played it.

Similar problems at IndieCade Edit

Sam of Psychic Software reported that no judges had played a game he had submitted to IndieCade. [4]

UBM response Edit

The day after the report of judges voting on games they never played, Jenn Frank wrote an article praising IGF chairman Brandon Boyer and chairman emeritus Simon Carless while condemning the independent video game developers who were upset that the judges assigned to review their games were not playing them. [5]

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