Jennifer Jenson is the director of the Institute for Research on Learning Technologies at York University and designer of the game Contagion. [1]

Notable works Edit

Policy Unplugged Edit

Jennifer Jenson and Richard Smith wrote the 2007 book Policy Unplugged, a review of the problems implementing computer-aided teaching in Canadian elementary and secondary schools.

Women@play Edit

Jennifer Jenson wrote the article Women@Play: Reconfiguring The Masculinized Culture And Spaces Of Digital Gameplay.

Relationships Edit

Jennifer Jenson was the postgraduate academic advisor to Anita Sarkeesian and Stephanie Fisher. [2]

Canadian Game Studies Association Edit

Jenson, Parker, and Fisher are contributors to DiGRA.

Loading Edit

Loading is a journal about gaming. It is published by Simon Fraser University. Its editorial team includes: [3]

Castell and Bojin are contributors to DiGRA. [2]

Jenson has written the following articles which are published by DiGRA:

  • Her own Boss: Gender and the Pursuit of Incompetent Play
    • Together with Suzanne de Castell
  • Girls and Gaming: Gender Research, “Progress” and the Death of Interpretation
    • Together with Suzanne de Castell
  • Gender in Play: Mapping a Girls’ Gaming Club
    • Together with Suzanne de Castell and Nicholas Taylor.
  • Digital Games for Education: When Meanings Play
    • Together with Suzanne de Castell and Nicholas Taylor.
  • The Gigue is up: High Culture Gets Up
    • Together with Suzanne de Castell, Nicholas Taylor, Milena Droumeva and Stephanie Fisher.

References Edit

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