Jonathan McIntosh (aka RadicalBytes aka RebelliousPixels) is the producer for Anita Sarkeesian.

Encyclopedia DramaticaEdit

31 October 2014 an article about him was started by cobaltcat.

Rape threatsEdit

He made a tweet claiming someone threatened to rape his father in relation to video games.

17 October 2014 it was reposted by The Ralph (of Ralph Retort) who asked if he contacted authorities regarding the alleged threats.

Rogan rebuttalEdit

Joe Rogan called him out over a tweets he made about Osama Bin Laden and Christopher Hitchens, refusing to celebrate of the former and saying good riddance upon the passing of the latter..

13 January 2015 this was also commented on by TheRalph of The Ralph Retort.

You know what it isEdit

On 18 October 2014 he claimed that the purple and green colors used by some GamerGaters and by their mascot (Vivian James) were a reference to a "4chan rape joke".

3 November 2014 this was quoted by Steven Melendez.

The claim made by McIntosh and parroted by Melendez is both presumptuous and misleading.

The "green and purple" slogan was used previously by fans of the"Daily Dose" meme, a reference to the green skin of the Namek character in the Dragonball series, Piccolo, and the purple patches of exposed muscle on his body.

Daily Dose, while a sexual meme, as the animated GIF which inspired it depicted a homosexual erotic coupling, was not a rape meme. Actual fans of Dragonball would recognize that the barriers of energy holding Vegeta in a prone position were self-inflicted bondage. Prince Vegeta was not being held against his will. Piccolo is unable to use that technique, while Vegeta has used it twice in the series.

It is unclear why McIntosh & Melendez automatically assume rape when they see controversial topics like consensual bondage, homosexuality, or inter-racial romance done in fan-made artwork. It is apparent they are not fans of all sci-fi they see fit to criticize, and that they do not take the time to investigate characters they evaluate.

Another rush to judgment was that Vivian's color scheme was based on this. Green and purple color combinations existed long before the Namekian race or a yaoi meme inspired by a member of the alien species.

The Daily Dose was not discussed during the development leading up to Vivian's illustration. The creator also made no reference to that being the basis.

The assumption to label this causality is merely based upon correlation. When Vivian's appearance was introduced, one of the dozens of people reading the thread happened to be familiar with the Daily Dose meme, and recognized the coincidental overlap of the color scheme. This led them to post "Thanks Doc", the slogan associated with the meme, which one posts in thanks for receiving a green and purple image.

Simply seeing a green and purple image and saying the slogan in response to it does not inherently mean that the image was generated based on the meme to inspire the response.

thanks, Doc

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