Little Mac is the pseudonym of an anonymous whistleblower who alleges that tabletop gaming is as corrupt as video gaming.

Summary of allegations Edit

According to the anonymous complaint:

  • In 2012, two employees of an MMO company ("not Blizzard") were fired for refusing to give money to Anita Sarkeesian.
  • Mighty Number 9 donors who criticized Dina Abou Karam were banned from the project forums and denied the Kickstarter rewards that they had paid for.
  • "White Wolf (or at least what's left of them) has been known to threaten freelance writers with dismissal, or a lack of work, if they have anything bad to say about tumblr, /r/SRS, etc etc."
  • Paizo fired a transgender employee for criticizing the design of a transgendered Pathfinder character.

Full Statement Edit

My name is Little Mac. I've been involved in gaming for nearly ten years, as a "game journalist," a writer, and a designer for a couple tabletop role-playing games. I'm going to tell you what you already know - this SJW shit is endemic not just to video games, but to gaming as a whole.

And it's not just lately. Two years ago I was a writer for an MMO company - I don't feel comfortable identifying them as much more than "not Blizzard" - and when Anita's kickstarter came under fire, the game's lead designers and the company's business guys alike very heavily encouraged everyone donate at least $20 to her. I'm sad to say I caved, and it turned out to have been a smart move - the two that refused to donate were laid off a couple months after. It was ostensibly as a round of cost-cutting, but they were separately let go from the rest of the group, their dismissals apart by a couple weeks.

I donated to Mighty No. 9's kickstarter, and when Dina introduced herself, I made myself known on the forums for trying to explain why the community was so outraged - I found myself banned, my kickstarter rewards denied, and no hope of a refund. This is getting news after she started blocking #gamergate people but she's been acting unprofessional and, let's just say it, robbing folks since she was a name.

In the role-playing game industry, SJW developers are simply a matter of fact. White Wolf (or at least what's left of them) has been known to threaten freelance writers with dismissal, or a lack of work, if they have anything bad to say about tumblr, /r/SRS, etc etc. I have a friend that works at Paizo, creators of Pathfinder, who complained that their new "iconic character" - a sort of example for whatever new character class is getting a book - was a very hamfisted attempt at pandering to the trans community. This friend is trans herself, and her complaints led to her losing her job.

If you want a laugh, go to the RPG.NET forums, or the forums for the transhuman RPG, eclipse phase. You'll find developers, moderators, writers, and of course, toxic fans, spewing the same SJW idiocy we all know and hate.

This brings me to the real thing Iwant to get across, the thing that may not be clear - we are equally guilty. There are rational people fighting for social justice that find the tactics of SJWs distasteful, just like there are those among us that wish we weren't so intertwined with /pol/, MRAs, and so on.

I expect the chat is filled with LITTLE MAC CONFIRMED FOR SJW and HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG and so on, and that kneejerk reaction, that disgust at everything I've said because of one comment - doesn't that seem a little too much like our opposition?

This is my point. Both of us are guilty of being dictated by extremism. Redpillers on our side, SJWs on their side. We need to stop listening to the voices that spew hate, that decry everything the other guys stand for, because fuck those guys.

This will only get better if we look at it with reason instead of emotion. Also, fuck /pol/.

The thing actual organizations, companies, etc, can do to help is enact policies that restrict an employee's ability to mix his politics with his work. If, say, you're designing a political game, or writing a political piece, or whatever, fine, but nobody needs to know how marginalized individuals work in a game about vampires and werewolves.

At the end of the day, why give a shit about someone’s personal politics as long as they do good work?

That's all I have to say.

— Little Mac

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