Mallorie Nasrallah Zoe roommate

Mallorie Nasrallah claims to have been a loose associate of Zoe Quinn in 2007. To support this claim she posted a picture of herself, Zoe, and Zoe's roommate on Facebook.


Nasrallah claimed to have been hired to shoot photographs of Zoe Quinn for Deviant Nation on the weekend of October 25-28, 2007. As Nasrallah recalled: [1]

  • Someone had told Nasrallah that Quinn's apartment had a spare room where they could shoot photos and Nasrallah could spend the night, and it did not.
  • Someone had told Nasrallah that Quinn had transportation, and she did not.
  • Quinn made Nasrallah pay for her food and clothing.
  • Quinn denied Nasrallah permission to use the photos on the grounds that Quinn's roommate was a "mentally unbalanced cunt," and refused to give Nasrallah her roommate's contact information
  • Quinn told other models that Nasrallah worked with that she had fired Nasrallah for forcing her to look at "mutilated vagina" pictures.
  • Quinn claimed to have killed a man by stabbing him in the face while he was raping her.
  • Quinn claimed to have survived three other forced rape attempts, two of which occurred at work, and to have never reported anything of it to police or management.

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