Felix Kramer, a.k.a. Legobutts, provides public relations and promotion services for independent video game developers. [1] Kramer is also the Secretary of the Board of the Feminist Frequency non-profit..

Clients Edit

Felix Kramer's clients include: [1]

Silverstring Media Edit

Felix Kramer works for Silverstring Media, which is funded by Anita Sarkeesian. [1]


It has been alleged that Felix Kramer DDOSed the website of The Fine Young Capitalists. [1]

On March 1, 2014, Kramer said:

we exploded their site

omg us

Zoe Quinn replied:

oops we DDOS'ed something on accident

Eron Gjoni accusations Edit

Regarding the Independent Gaming Festival, Eron Gjoni alleged: [1]

Zoe told me that Maya was sleeping with the guy who runs it and all the people who won were people maya was very close with

Gjoni claimed that Kramer was one of the people who Zoe Quinn cheated on him with. [1]

References Edit

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