Michael Pina, known online as TheAwesomeMan, OmegaSongi30, and Hokuto ju no Ken, was doxxed and threatened by a teenage girl for his support of the Gamergate investigations.

Gamergate Edit

Contact with harasser Edit

After being doxxed and threatened, Pina identified his harasser, called her, and received an apology.

Retaliation Edit

On October 20, in a series of tweets, Pina said (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7):

Yeah, naw, we're too far in for this anymore. If you're still thinking GG is a "hate movement" then I'm not sure I respect your opinions. Because really all it's telling me is that you're willing to accept whatever you're told by privileged people who don't wanna lose money. It's also telling me that you're just quietly accepting the silencing and harassment of countless women and minorities. I'm not even sorry. Almost every single "Gamergate is a hate group" person I've seen has been a privileged white person who shrugs off info. It's telling me you inherently value the safety and feelings of some over others, who coincidentally happen to be white and wealthy. So yeah, if you're gonna go ahead and use the words of transphobic, ableist and racist people over minority voices, I've lost respect. Just saying, not gonna respect your view if your link is from someone who calls black men "hood rats" or uses phrases like "gender traitor"

Immediately afterward, Pina reported (1, 2, 3, 4) (edited for punctuation):

Was just kicked out of my lion's club again. The humanitarian/charity/community group I belonged to. Someone called the president and left an "anonymous tip" that i belong to an internet hate/harassment group alongside racists and rapists. That i'm going after women online. This was supposed to be my purpose in life again after my grandma died and it was just robbed from me.

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