Mike Cernovich (aka PlayDangerously or DangerAndPlay) is Eron Gjoni's lawyer. He may have been present at the trial run by judge Jonathan R. Tynes where Gjoni was slapped with a gag order as part of a restraining order Tynes approved for Zoe Quinn


20 October 2014 the article "The D-List Right-Wingers Who've Turned Gamergate Into Their Loser Army" by Sam Biddle mentions him in the 2nd paragraph:

Over the weekend, California attorney Mike Cernovich challenged me to a charity boxing match.

False police reportsEdit

24 October 2014: idledilettante called for friends of Zoe Quinn to report Cernovich to the Los Angeles Police Department. Cernovich reported:

Anti-#Gamergate people are calling the cops on me. This is not a joke.

GameappMakerco reported that "a number of gg critics are planning to crowd source anonymous tips re: Cernovich to the LAPD." Cernovich replied saying: "Zoe Quinn is responsible. This is her friend and someone she supports."


19 December 2014 the article How Zoe Quinn and Margaret Pless Tried Getting Mike Cernovich Swatted was published on the "Crime and Federalism" blog.

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