Mike Donachie is a news media editor (and writer) involved with causing and then profiting on the ExpoGate.


April 17:

  • 8:45am he contacted the Calgary Expo and prompted them to target the Honey Badger Brigade booth. [1]
  • 2:04pm the site he edits, Metro Calgary, published an article about the drama he caused, if there's no news, better create some! [2]

His Twitter lists him as "Managing Editor Night for @MetroNewsCanada."

Although he claims "Any opinions are mine. I dont write stories for the paper" the mysterious uncredited "Staff" who wrote the hit piece does raise questions as to the veracity of this.

Donachie did not prove he did not write it, no other writer has stepped forward, and as Editor he still approved coverage of a debacle he helped generate.

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