Milky_Candy is a Twitter user who has allegedly received rape threats and death threats, with some posting her home address, for discussing Gamergate.

Threats Edit

JakeDrakeEdit Mon 27 Oct 2014 19:35

Maybe you're stop once you understand what and how sexual can be

[redacted] Switzerland


LeoLea22 9:21 PM 21 Oct 14

@milk_candy is [redacted] Switzerland your address? We al know where you live


(origin unknown)

Hey, I know where you live: [redacted] I also have access to private data on your facebook and know who your family is. Stop posting about #gamergate. Have fun

(origin unknown)

Are you aware that all you've been doing is setting back any progress feminists have ever made? You're just actively supporting a bunch of terrorists now. GamerGate actually physically attacks people.

And fyi, your address is out there, being shared around in groups and archives. You might want to pay attention to the things you say.

External linkEdit

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