Censorship Edit

NPR deleted a comment by smalls2233 that had said:

I don't usually tend to comment on these types of things, however I expected better from an NPR article. There is obvious bias in the first sentence, calling #gamergate a "harassment-fueled controversy". You are also ignoring many facts presented within your source, men are more likely to be: called offensive names, purposefully embarassed, physically threatened, and/or harassed for a sustained period. That is all according to your article. I am an 18 year old woman and I have never been harassed about being a girl and playing video games despite the various online games I play. Not to mention the threat at Sarkeesian was never confirmed to be from a #gamergate user, as well as many threats being made up by members of the press looking for a story. I honestly expected a better, less biased article from NPR. Severely disappointed.

Reporting Edit

On November 13, NPR interviewed Rebecca Watson of Elevatorgate and Brianna Wu to discuss the lack of police response to threats they have received, and claimed that proponents of journalistic integrity were responsible for the threats against Wu.

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