NeoGAF is a gaming news site run by Tyler Malka aka EvilLore.

Censorship Edit

Wizardchan Edit

After Zoe Quinn accused the Wizardchan userbase of harassing her, NeoGAF banned users who defended Wizardchan.

Gamergate Edit

On or around September 11, NeoGAF banned the account of The Fine Young Capitalists.

On October 8, 2014, treemasterx was banned from the NeoGAF forums for asking opponents of the Gamergate investigation to justify their position. The ban message was "You are a poor fit for NeoGAF." Treemasterx's final post before being banned was:

What I mean is that there are people who want to make "Cool" Female Characters, but people like Anita Sarkisian want a character to fit into all their check boxes. Woman, Check. No boobs, check. Black, check. Strong, check.

Instead of filling all these checkboxes, just make an interesting or "Cool" Female Character. Someone who has a personality and someone who we care about.

On October 12, Boogie2988 was banned for discussing Gamergate.

Related controversies Edit

In 2012, Malka gloated about having groped a woman and banned any users who publicly disapproved of his act.

On September 20, 2014, The Ralph Retort accused NeoGAF of selling user-generated content to Gawker and not sharing any of the profits with the user. NeoGAF denied receiving payment for the article.

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