Emily Rose, also known as Nexxy, or Nexxylove, is a Node.js / Arduino programmer who developed a homebrew security and point of sale system for the Portland, Oregon vegan strip club Casa Diablo. [1] [2]

Gamergate Edit

On October 2, Nexxy thanked Github programmer Jake Boxer for deleting the Gamergate news repository.

Other controversies Edit

In August 2012, Nexxy banned TheEmpath from #Node.js for saying there was a "hot programmer girl" at the office and "the otherwise painfully quite engineering room came to life and it's a problem." Nexxy announced "forwarding logs to employer" and later posted a chat log of the incident, which TheEmpath proved that Emily had intentionally altered the context to gather support on social media. [3]

In early October 2013, Nexxy was also involved in controversy over the sale of $6,000 t-shirts to other developers in San Francisco. Although Nexxy has claimed to have made several sales of the shirt, the most likely explanation is that this is part of an in-joke between friends.

Github deleted posts about the incident.

References Edit

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  3. The Tale of #whiteknight.js, "Please note this log, posted by Nexxy, completely lacks the ban time. The ban time which is included in the actual log and needs to be deleted in order to get it into the state it is in right now. Her chat client, Irssi/IrcII does not output or separate windows with tildes. Therefore, she copy and pasted what she wanted to a text editor, formatted it, intentionally choose to leave out the ban time, and then posted it."

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