Oliver B. Campbell is an author, former games journalist, and Twitter user who regularly comments on Gamergate.

Announcement of federal involvement Edit

On November 5, Oliver Campbell announced:

The Party Van is very aware of this situation, and has been watching it closely. They know for a fact that GG has been getting way more harassment, and with more intensity. They are aware of King of Pol's firetrucking. Furthermore, FBI and DHS are aware of and KNOW that at least two certain individuals sent themselves threats. Finally, FTC IS investigating some of these outlets, for reasons we all know. Finally, the question of "Where did you get this information, Oliver?" Someone with government credentials. I've vetted it. It's the real deal.

Naturally, my source needs to stay anonymous, and as I said, I honor and protect my sources. Source of my authentication: I have seen this person's government ID and whom they are with. Yes, on the federal level. And here's the key thing. All that info I gave you merely confirms that the government IS watching this situation.

While protecting my source, I have had a second person verify their credentials. I cannot give you any timelines (I was not given any information in that regard). Here's the thing. Source approached me with information. Obviously, I treat information skeptically. I asked for proof of credentials. Any extra information about my source WOULD PUT THEM IN REAL JEOPARDY. There's a reason we have that as a part of our ethics code. I'm not expecting anyone to immediately BLINDLY trust anything. I'm just saying, this is what I've got to give.

In response, Slade Villena said:

I confirm the ID of this source. Its verified Federal.

Noprivilegeme said:

I can further this and say I know someone at the state department who told me of a DHS investigation a while back. In fact, @lizzyf620 can confirm I spoke to her more than a month ago about it. I suspect @oliverbcampbell has more recent information, but I was notified of it occurring a month or so.

Mike Cernovich said:

Yep, also a certain hoaxer has agreed to become an informant and is recruiting hapless white knights for "ops."

On November 7, Campbell issued a clarification:

I never said (and I STILL HAVEN'T said) that the FBI was investigating ... I SHOULD have said "No, no talk of charges. Just FTC investigating." But I didn't. By failing to provide context, I created confusion that someone COULD have taken it that way (and clearly, someone did).

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