Operation: Firefly is a project whose focus is to spreading Gamergate information to Tumblr. It came from a response after seeing that a majority of the posts under the Gamergate tag are negative. The current goal is now to expand pro-Gamergate messages and information outside of twitter, 8chan, and other Gamergate hubs which are already established, it's also to reach out to people who would not otherwise hear the pro-Gamergate side.


This operation began in early November 2014 as a D-Day style effort on Tumblr as a means to break Twitter's stalemate front at the time. A lot of those involve felt that Twitter's 140 character limit and e-celeb focus was sidetracking. Operation: Firefly was conceived as a means to use Gamergate's limited information spreading it to Tumblr as well as planting a new "hub," which would disseminate anti-Gamergate and unbiased information as well.

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