PO Box 17598, Baltimore, Maryland 21297 is the address of a mail forwarding service.

Customers Edit

iFred Edit

iFred listed this PO box as its mailing address on its 990 forms.

ICON - #14935 Edit

The domains for e-mail service ICON Mailing, marketing company Rewards ICON, executive security guard service Security ICON, and other companies with ICON in the name are registered to Donrell Johnson of Image Icon, who claims to have earned $2.2 billion in profits in five years by endorsing companies. [1]

Donrell Johnson's email address lists him as a member of the BMC Business Group.

BMC Business Group Edit

BMC Business Group is the company of Ralph A. Smith of Severn, Maryland, husband of Margaret Smith. [2]

BMC Business Group's description in a search engine result: [3]

Ground-breaking research, proven business systems, and an assemblage of some of the nation's brightest, most progressive professionals come together to propel BMC Business Group to the forefront of the industry.

Donald Capoferri of Precision Business Development in Iowa arranged a meeting with Roxane Hilton Clark of BMC Business Group and forgot to make his notices private. [4] [5] Clark shares the name of a medical doctor in the DC area. Precision Business Development lists a Duluth, Georgia address. A chiropractor named Donald A. Capoferri studied in Iowa and moved to Georgia to work for the Precision Pain relief center. [6] [7]

Ashley Pierre, who works in "Affiliate Programs, Advertising, B2B/B2C Accounts and Social Network Development" for PnG International in Baltimore, is associated with Icommerce-Icon and BMC Business Group. [8]

KFFL forum user burntorangehorn claims that he and a friend of his were targeted for recruitment by BMC Business Group while serving in the US military in 2007. [9]

Predatory business recruiters?

So while on "vacation" last week I found myself at a hardware store buying fixtures. Some middle-aged businessman walks up and starts looking at fixtures as well, and kind of engages me in small talk. He moves the conversation a little toward my occupation, which of course I really don't specifically identify or describe in detail in such a situation. Anyway, he ends up giving me a business card and telling me he works for CITIGROUP, and that they're trying to recruit people for their investment group, largely working on resetting mortgages and such in the recent readjustment.

No, I didn't call. I have a job, and I can't work a part-time job without approval. I'm already pushing it by being a freelance bartender.

Anyway, a friend of mine mentions getting tagged in a similar situation. Apparently he was targeted, chatted up, and asked to attend some sort of interview. He was then supposed to provide some contacts, including address/phone info, for the company. These were apparently supposed to be family and friends from the area. I don't recall exactly, but I think he said something about an initial outlay of money.

Okay, I figured, I got tagged once, and no harm done. Then I'm sitting on the subway yesterday afternoon and some fellow also in his late 20's sits in a nearby seat. He notices the loop on which my badge hangs, as my badge is tucked into my shirt (pretty standard for off-base appearance, actually). It says something about the U. of MD. Anyway, he steers the conversation toward my job, kind of feeling out my education and such, and mentions that he's a comp sci guy from UMD who now works at a place called BMC Business Group. He rides for a few stops chatting and making peripheral smalltalk. Yeah, I'm reporting it to the proper agency personnel, as there's always the chance of counterintel concerns, but still...does this seem weird to anyone else? Twice in four days? Are these possibly pyramid schemes or something?

One of BMC Business Group's employees in 2005 was Jenny Q. from China using the user names happygal and watercoolerme who described it as a way to make money online by contacting Fortune 500 companies. [10] Jenny was part of the Recreational Group which organized weekend outings for Chinese workers in the DC area from 2005-2008. [11]

Homemade Design - #15940 Edit

Homemade Design, Inc., also known as Homemade Design Corporation, is the interior design firm of Amanda Zettel of Boston [12] who claims to have clients in all 50 states. [13]

Homemade Design donates to the charity Rebuilding Together. [14]

Reliant Support Services - #18280 Edit

Reliant Support Services sends suspicious-looking debt relief mailers which state that they "may be generating leads for national law firm." [15]

Reliant's telephone number has been used by Shawn Burst of direct mail marketing company Sales360. [16]

Human Companies - #29043 Edit

Human Companies is a marketing firm which has registered numerous domains such as,,,,,, OracleAccounting, AccountantCPA, and

Human Companies runs Human Bookkeeping, an company in Asheville, North Carolina with a legal presence in Boston. Human Bookkeeping's telephone number is shared with Human Virtual Assistance, Human Telemarketers, and the SEO company Human Web Designers.

Human Companies is the business of Aaron Eisendrath, who co-founded Unicomm International with Shiraz Moosajee. [17] [18] [17] [18]

Blue Light Trackers - #35180 Edit

Blue Light Trackers is an internet marketing company registered to Brian Lewis. The Blue Light Trackers phone number is also used by Blue Light Shoppers, an online store registered to Blane Rockford.

One State, One Future PAC - #47877 Edit

Registered in 2013 by B. Alexis Johns of Baltimore. [19]

Cool Wilson Refrigeration - #49788 Edit

Cool Wilson Refrigeration is a refrigerator and air conditioning repair company with a presence in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Institute of Real Estate Management - #55977 Edit

Maryland Chapter No. 16 of the Institute of Real Estate Management of the National Association of Realtors. [20] [21]

Maryland Senior Resource Center - #61669 Edit

The Maryland Senior Resource Center offered investment advice to the elderly and a booklet titled The 11 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make and How To Avoid Them. [22] The same booklet offer and slogan of "harmonizing and integrating all the aspects" are used by College Funding Alternatives, the site of Kevin Simme of Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

Acquisis - #68962 Edit

Acquisis, formerly known as PartnerData, [23] offered gift cards in exchange for personal information and was accused of failing to deliver the cards. [24][25]

Acquisis is a subsidiary of Old Town Capital LLC, [26] the company of James Crouthamel of Chicago. [27]

Cleanwhitemail - #88657 Edit

Cleanwhitemail is a spammer that was active in 2011. [28]

Barrelhouse Edit

Barrelhouse is an art magazine that was listed as a charitable organization. [29]

Deluxe Internet Hosting Edit

Deluxe Internet Hosting is listed on ROKSO as 3 Elite Media and is also known as Imagine Group, Instant Web Hosting, Transient Market Direct, and FRO Capital LLC. According to Spamhous, this company: [30]

Sends huge volumes of spam to some of the dirtiest lists that we have ever seen in a snowshoe spam operation. Unlike many snowshoe spammers, this spammer does not appear to bother with listwashing or make any attempt to avoid spamtraps. In that respect he operates with a philosophy more like that of a botnet spammer: send enough email flooding out from enough places and some of it is bound to get through.

Hill Peak Marketing Edit

Hill Peak marketing is related to Aquamedia Partners [31] which is related to Red McCombs Media. [32] Red McCombs Media in an internet advertising company founded by Jon Flatt and Aaron M. Welch in 2002, acquired by Red McCombs in 2005, sold to LIN Media in 2009, and renamed Primeland Television. Lin Media is owned by HM Capital Partners, which invested in the 1998-2000 tech bubble and took heavy losses.

Hill Peak is related to a company called HTMarket, HTMarket-deals, HTMarket-ns, hillmarket-img, and akmediapartnersd (note the 'd') which leads to AK Media Partners of New York City, hosted at another sketchy PO box. [citation needed]

Phony Diploma Edit

Phony Diploma, also known as Document Printing Services, is a website selling fake diplomas. It was reported in 2008 to be a FBI sting operation. [33] [33]

Rush Advance Edit

Rush Advance does business as EZ Cash Online. [34]

Zippii Edit

Zippii is a directory of professional speakers.

Zippii is a strategic partner of Coaching Partners of New Zealand, the company of Patti Gwynne. [35]

References Edit

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