Paul Hubans is a video game developer and sprite artist who developed The Indie Game Legend, a parody of The Guardian Legend.

Alleged blacklisting Edit

On September 2, 2014,[1] Hubans claims to have lost "connections that took years to forge" and been "blacklisted from any future success in indie games" as punishment for tweeting a link to the video "Indie-fensible! - The Maya 'Legobutts' Kramer Story" with the comment "Yikes, this confirms some of my worst suspicions about the IGF... Very reprehensible if true."

Web presence Edit

References Edit

  1. Isiac DaGraca, Indie Developer Paul Huban Lost His Connections Just for Re-Posting a Video on #GamerGate, TakuChat, September 3rd, 2014,

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