ZoeQuinn PhilFish-FiveGuys

Phil wearing glasses serving Zoe at Five Guys

Phil Fish is an indie game develo per who had this to Tweet about GamerGaters:

all you people attacking zoe are cowards. attacking a woman the easiest way you can. despicable cowards, all of you.
all you're doing is making her more visible, and giving her message more reach.
and revealing yourselves as the subhuman little shits that you are.
absolutely pathetic, ball-less manboobs.

When Wolf Wozniak aka Ouren mentioned that Zoe harassed him at a wedding (his friends, attended in Early March 2014), Phil said to him:

you crashed that wedding. nobody invited you. nobody wanted you there. you little shit. (tweeted 4:42PM on 17 August 2014)

This indicates that in addition to hanging out with Zoe at Five Guys restaurant, he has also spent time with her at a wedding. It is unclear who it was that got married in early March of 2014 at this point.

This reply was happily favorited by Robin Arnott, and Phil allegedly has connections with Brandon McMartin, linking him to 2 of the 5 guys.