Polygon is a subsidiary of Vox Media. It launched on October 24, 2012.


Documentary Edit

Before the site launched, Vox received $750,000 from Microsoft to make a documentary titled "Press Reset: The Story of Polygon." [1] [2]

Documentary funding Edit

IMDB estimates the cost of the documentary at $75,000. [3] The $750,000 figure is listed around the web, [4] [5] while the $75,000 figure is not.

Dark Jak accusation Edit

The Microsoft funding has led to allegations of favoritism, such as Dark Jak's claim that Polygon exists "to hurt the Metacritic scores of PS3 exclusives on behalf of Microsoft since Xbox publications do not review Playstation games."

Gone Home Edit

On August 8, 2013, Polygon reviewer Danielle Riendeau joined the Idle Thumbs podcast with Gone Home developer Steve Gaynor and composer Chris Remo. Riendeau would give Gone Home a perfect rating without disclosing her relationship with Gaynor and Remo. [6]

Censorship Edit

Bayonetta controversy Edit

Polygon deleted a post by user Barnivere for disagreeing with the decision of Polygon reviewer Arthur Gies to reduce the score of the game Bayonetta 2 because of the title character's sexuality. The character Bayonetta was designed by Mari Shimazaki, a woman. Polygon then banned Barnivore for noticing that Arthur Gies has an account at the pornographic website Suicide Girls.

Polygon banned user ItalyGG for referring to a woman who described the game Bayonetta as "a CELEBRATION of smart, sexy, capable women!"

Anita Sarkeesian Edit

Polygon banned a user for disagreeing with Anita Sarkeesian.

References Edit


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