FANDOM thread-banned user Duo Maxwell for linking to evidence of Zoe Quinn's supporters harassing people.

On October 12th, 2014, a user named orphan81 was banned for a month for showing his support for Gamergate as well as making observations about the anti-Gamergate side.

On October 14th, 2014, one of the moderators of, Holden, created a thread where the very first post stated that Gamergate advocacy is a ban worthy offense on the same lines as supporting Stormfront. In the same thread, another moderator, Random Nerd, compared talking to Gamergaters to "engaging with Holocaust apologetics".

In a ongoing thread on Gamergate (which forbids Gamergate advocacy/support), moderator Killfalcon accuses the NotYourShield hashtag as a literal "human shield" of Gamergate. He also justifies Will Wheaton's insults towards the NotYourShield users, which includes all minorities and women who are pro-Gamergate.

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