Gamergate-related censorship Edit

Censorship of Zoe Quinn discussions Edit

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August 19:

Zoe Quinn was in contact with /r/gaming senior moderator ElChupacupcake at the time.

When it was reported that ElChupacupcake was actively censoring content on behalf of Zoe Quinn, Gaget replied "Fuck off."

Censorship of allegations of video game industry corruption Edit

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August 23:

Censorship of censorship discussions Edit

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Censorship of related discussions Edit

On October 2, 2014, the moderators of /r/pcgaming blocked user Dvelli for submitting the article Intel removes ads from Gamasutra in wake of GamerGate.

On October 3, 2014, the moderators of /r/linux hid the thread Kernel developer Matthew Garrett will no longer fix Intel bugs, which at the time was at the top of the sub. Somebody deleted the top comment in the thread.

val_p incident Edit

On October 29, 2014, Reddit user val_p had been in an argument on /r/againstgamergate where Reddit user startert called val_p a Nazi for asking him to stop slandering decent people who were already on the side of social justice.

On October 30, val_p received the following message:

We have banned you from /r/gamergate and /r/antigamergate. We did not do this because you are pro-#GamerGate, we did this because you, like most white transwomen, show a fundamental lack of gratitude for your allies on the left who have campaigned for social justice for decades.

We are the only reason you have any civil rights, we are the reason you have never been thrown into an asylum for your gender identity, and we are the reason you have not been subjected to the pseudo-scientific reparative therapies of the 20th century. We did all this for you, and yet you support the reactionaries who would love to swing you from a lamp post on their fabled "day of the rope."

You, as a transwoman, are indebted to us, and the very least you could have done would have been to abstain from this ugly flame war until it passed. Instead, you have decided to reinforce the tokenism of the reactionaries by endorsing them and by participating in their forums.

You may not be our shield, but you are our property. We own you. Your very existence is protected by the institutions and laws we have made for you. Never forget this, and in the future, show some fucking gratitude.

Shortly after reporting this, the message was deleted and could not be recovered from Reddit's servers.

Zennistrad identified the sender as Samuel Stringman, a moderator of both subreddits who had previously promoted the hashtag #MenCantBeFeminists on 4chan.

Allegations of administrator corruption Edit

XavierMendel interview on Reddit administrator culture Edit

See: XavierMendel interview

identified as XavierMendel.

ShaskaOtselot's ban Edit

Reddit user ShaskaOtselot was shadowbanned on August 31 for being one of at least 2,603 users to vote up a link to the Xavier Mendel interview. On September 15, a moderator of /r/technology gave visibility to ShaskaOtselot's comment asking Wikileaks founder Julian Assange his opinion on the Gamergate censorship. Other users noticed that that ShaskaOtselot was banned and assumed it was for asking that question. [1]

October 28 Pronouncement Edit

Preliminary events Edit

On October 27, Reddit user SuperConductiveRabbi reported:

I'd like to let the community know that censorship runs so deeply in Reddit that you'll be banned and your accounts deleted should you draw attention to a case where a mod is asking you to suck his dick.

  • In the course of responding to a TIL mod he literally invited me to suck his dick, as an insult, twice. My conduct throughout the thread was civil and level-headed, unlike the mod.


and more context:

  • I posted about this inappropriate behavior and within thirty minutes my nearly five-year-old account was banned, as were my other accounts I use to keep other subreddits separate. (To prevent doxxing.) My /r/censorship thread about this has been removed.

Moderator explanations Edit

to: /r/todayilearned/

I am not the OP, but I saw it was deleted for "editorializing". How is that the case? It is a factual description of the study's findings.

On that note, the same study was posted 2 days ago, but deleted for "omitting essential info". Can you explain what essential info was omitted in that submission?

From: -Richard-

you "saw that it was deleted" or were directed by the people trying to start a brigade over in /r/mensrights?

to: /r/todayilearned/

I am sorry, could you please answer the question for either of those submissions?

From: -Richard-


to: /r/todayilearned/

On Table 4 of that chart, it says that the helpseeker is put in Jail 88% of the time, while the partner was put in jail only 81 percent of the time. That backs up the claim specifically mentioned by OP. Yay, you can restore the post now.

From: -Richard-


I had this recent exchange with a Mod from /r/todayIlearned when I asked why they had deleted links to a study about male domestic violence victims being arrested more often than their female partners. I found the exchange pretty unprofessional, and would love to get the opinion of other moderators on the site.


Yeah, that looks acceptable. Perhaps you should avoid making politically biased TILs just to 'see what happens'

13104598210 How is the study by the NIH politically biased?


>The project described was supported by Grant Number 5R21MH074590 from the National Institute of Mental Health. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NIMH.

I never said the study was politically biased, I said you poor interpretation of the results was politically biased. The fact that you don't even know who is responsible for the study speaks volumes about your familiarity with its contents.


Could you please explain to me what my interpretation is, how it is poor, and what a better, less politically biased interpretation would be? Thank you.


No. You've made it pretty clear (This post being a prime example) that you're more interested in stirring up shit than having a than having a discussion.

"Do Not Break Reddit" Edit

On October 28, following multiple complaints from Reddit users to administrators about the behavior of /r/TIL moderator -Richard-, /r/undelete moderator cojoko announced that questioning the decisions of moderators "will be regarded by the admins as 'breaking reddit'," a bannable offense.

Some commenters here are suggesting that people should submit links to make a point, or message moderators to question the actions of a mod team.

When this kind of activity gets out of control it has resulted in shadowbans before, and will again, and will be regarded by the admins as "breaking reddit".

Do not make such calls here in a brigading situation or you will be banned from this subreddit.

cojoko further explained that complaints about abuse of moderator power "jeapordizes the existence of this subreddit", letting users know that Reddit administrators had threatened to take down /r/undelete.

Contemporary censorship controversies Edit

Reddit had other censorship controversies at the same time as Gamergate.

Libgen Edit

On September 4, a reddit admin deleted comments that were complaining about the deletion of other comments that had mentioned the warez site as a location to download PDF scans of textbooks. According to a user:

My deleted comment was:

Don't bother [looking for links to textbooks here]. Mods/admins are deleting all useful links.

Discussing places to pirate is now apparently added to the list of topics you're not permitted to discuss on Reddit.

You're not even permitted to discuss that you're not permitted to discuss it.

Another deleted comment of mine:

Reddit: where mods are opposite of useful or desired power users.

Digg 2.0.

And someone said "and yet you can still see pictures of mutilated women on Reddit, which is just fiiine." That was deleted. I replied:

Men too. And children.

Not animals though, so Reddit has that going for it, which is nice.



Yet that's how it became popular. Unfiltered discussion of any topic. They're killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
There are currently five other comments just in that sub-thread where people critical of censorship have had their opinions deleted.

The Fappening Edit

On September 1, Reddit administrators deleted discussions of the recent release of nude celebrity photographs.

This story has HUGE implications when it comes to cloud storage, privacy, Apple security, and hacking....yet it's being removed in mass.

On September 6, Reddit banned the subreddit /r/thefappening which was dedicated to discussion of this event. [2]

DualPollux Edit

/r/blackladies moderator DualPollux aka TheIdesOfLight was banned by the admins after trying to start a flamewar in /r/AMRSucks after they linked to her sub.

According to the justification given by kripsykrackers:

Honestly, you mess with the normal function of the site, impose your ire on, and interfere with the culture of certain specifically charged subreddits. You do this constantly, and it's been going on for a really fucking long time. I don't know why you keep talking about doxing unless you have a guilty conscience or something, but that's neither here nor there.

Sure, you're being targeted. You know why? Because you break site rules and we target people who break site rules. That's literally our job, not about some conspiracy, so don't feel too flattered.

Reddit admin Ocrasorm saw no evidence of brigading.


/r/atheism Statism discussion Edit

On September 26, after user GhostOfBastiat submitted a Youtube video declaring Statism "the most dangerous religion" to /r/atheism, the subreddit moderators deleted every comment in the thread and blocked several users who had participated in the discussion.

Conal O’Rourke incident Edit

On October 8, 2014, /r/technology removed an article alleging that Comcast had called the employer of its customer Conal O’Rourke to have him fired after he threatened to report Comcast to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board for repeated billing errors. /r/technology moderator rotorcowboy categorized the news report as a request for customer service to justify removing it. Reddit user Cowicide was shadowbanned for complaining about this.

/r/mensrights and domestic violence Edit

In October 2014, Reddit users claimed that moderators in the popular forums /r/TIL, /r/bestof/, and /r/AskReddit were banning all mention of the "Men's Rights" movement, its sub /r/mensrights, and news of a recent study showing that male victims of domestic violence who reported the violence to police were more likely to be arrested than their attacker. According to one user:

Over the weekend TIL removed a few frontpaged posts that linked to scholarly articles about male domestic abuse victims. Here's the /r/undelete thread about one of them:

In the course of responding to a TIL mod (-Richard-) he literally invited me to suck his dick, as an insult, twice. My conduct throughout the thread was civil and level-headed, unlike the mod.

I posted about this inappropriate behavior and within thirty minutes my nearly five-year-old account was banned, as were my other accounts I use to keep other subreddits separate. (To prevent doxxing.) My /r/censorship thread about this has been removed.

micronuts Edit

On October 27, 2014, Reddit user micronuts claimed that Reddit contacted his ISP after micronuts accused other users of being Microsoft shills.

Banned from /r/gadgets for calling Microsoft organized stalking trolls on their bullshit.

Tell the mods in /r/gadgets that corporate PR astroturfing lies to subscribers of a defaulted subreddit will not stand.


drops the mic

Update: Reddit admins have contacted my ISP. What was my crime? Building my FTC case against Microsoft, perhaps.

Update II: I can't post this epicness to /r/HailCorporate. That's not their fault. Reddit is just broken like that. See: shadowbanning, censorship, free speech site my ass, etc.

Update III: Reddit PR Cabal has stepped up their harassment to flooding my inbox with ban messages and attacking me in subs they don't manage. This deserves a reddit-grade shitstorm.

Update IV: Microsoft just announced a $50 price drop for the XBoner. This would get eaten alive in /r/gaming so instead it's the #1 thread in /r/gadgets. I smell more shill activity. Sorry Microsoft, no one wants your crappy console. ... Update: they're trying to shut off my internets. LOL. Microsoft astroturfing confirmed! Let's see if they do the same shit to me that they did to Weev and Aaron Swartz. See you all on /r/darknetplan and Tor! Support your local mesh net!

noeatnosleeppolitics replied:

/r/gadgets mod here.

Homedude is just a troll. He started calling users names and insulting people who owned Microsoft products.

micronuts was shadowbanned within twelve hours of this report.

/r/history and holocaust denial Edit

On October 28, a user in /r/history asked the question "How do Holocaust deniers exist and what evidence could they possibly have?" nuecontdespam accused /r/history moderators, naming davidreiss666 specifically, of banning over 100 users who replied with a description of what holocaust deniers believe as "actual deniers of the Holocaust." nuecontdespam was shadowbanned within 24 hours.

People of note Edit

Redditors involved in Gamergate include:

Reddit admins Edit

Ocrasorm Edit

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Cupcake1713 Edit

Identified by XavierMendel as one of Reddit's public relations persons, along with Kripsy.

Forum moderators Edit

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XavierMendel Edit

/r/games moderator. Was removed as a moderator after being accused of leaking communications between admins and moderators. [citation needed] Denied it. [citation needed]

Users Edit

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Fake harassment campaigns on /r/TwoXChromosomes Edit

On May 23, 2014, Deimorz reported that some users at /r/TwoXChromosomes were fabricating harassment campaigns against themselves.

For example, the OP of this thread was using at least 5 alternate accounts to attempt to tilt things in here, including upvoting their own submission and supportive comments (and they've now been banned from the site for that). There's generally just a great deal of attempted manipulation going on around the topic of 2XC being a default, between people attempting to manipulate votes, using multiple accounts to post comments supportive of their side, organized groups brigading relevant posts, etc....

We've received quite a few reports about users who have claimed to have received a large amount of harassment, but when we investigate we find that they've often never received any PMs at all, or only one message when they claim to have received many. Some people have even gone so far as creating alts to PM themselves with, so that they can take screenshots for "proof".

cupcake1713 added:

Out of all of the reports that other people have sent our way (generally it is other users reporting things to us on someone else's behalf), I'd say that maybe only two to four have been legit. It's entirely possible that there are other legitimate instances out there, but they aren't being reported to us. If you (or anyone else) comes across any instances of people complaining that they've received harassing PMs please do send it our way at /r/ modmail

MrSkellyton's history of /r/ShitRedditSays Edit

By MrSkellyton, March 1, 2013

In 2007 anonymous raided a website called WomensSpace. A feminist on the site called BitingBeaver had found her young teenage son masturbating and according to her feminist ideology this made him a rapist who deserved to die. Anons (being mostly male teenage chronic masturbators) found this unacceptable and a small online war broke out against her, the website, and pretty much every feminist blogger online. This had an unforeseen consequence though. Some of these feminists were impressed by anons show of strength and decided to hang around. They migrated to the Something Awful forums and became a goon clique.

Something Awful is now mostly known for their EVE gaming clan but they used to be a real force. Many of the most impressive stunts by Anonymous were perpetrated by goons. Goons had a much smaller user base but they were more technically minded, they organised on the IRC networks and used the vast swarms of /b/tards as shock troops.

When they found Rebbit they initially intended to do a similar thing and insider goons claim that they intended "Shit Rebbit Says" to be a way of griefing Rebbit users. This didn't work out the way they expected because the majority of goons who were convinced to join the new SRS group were the feminist/goon hybrids created in the BitingBeaver raids.

The new Rebbit group established a name for itself by trolling people in a peculiar way. They would harass and attack ordinary users but then claim they had the moral high ground because they were "bullying the bullies."

They do this by using cultural marxist arguments. They claim that prejudice is "bigotry + power" and define power as "being a straight, white male." So even though what they are doing seems to be exactly the same as the bigots they say they hate it's "OK," because they are doing it to straight white people, whites and males.

When forced into a corner they also fall back on the argument of satire. They claim they are just trolling and not attempting to be serious at all, it's just a light hearted practical joke.

Rebbit users come from a different demographic from 4chan users, and this was their first experience at trolling. al lot of them wanted to join in and SRS snowballed in a big way. SRS now has 33,451 members.

SRS vs /r/ainbow Edit

Rebbit has a large population of traps and gayfags, most of these actively oppose SRS. This is because SRS has managed to gain control of the LGBT Rebbit subforum, they way Rebbit is set up means the mods have a great deal of power. They can ban users for no reason, delete posts, and change forum rules.

SRS used this power to enforce their ideology, which included a privilege pyramid of oppressed groups and a list of acceptable language. Anybody who disagreed was attack for being "tools of the patriarchy" leading to the fucked up situation of straight SRS members accusing gays of being homophobic misogynists and banning them from their own forum. Most traps and gayfags left and set up a new forum called /r/ainbow. This now has 19,876 members.

SRS vs Male Rights Activists (MRA's) Edit

MRA's are a loose collection of people dedicated to gender equality, unsurprisingly feminists and SRS hate them. The central concept of MRA's is that society is not equal and in some areas (genital mutilation, education, health, reproductive rights, legal rights, social protection) men suffer a disadvantage. This threatens feminism on 2 grounds. First because every step towards equality MRA's take is a privilege women lose, more importantly because it threatens the feminist world view that women are 2nd class citizens in a patriarchy. (In feminism any situation where women have an advantage over men is actually a sign of how women are the victims of benevolent sexism.)

SRS set up a Rebbit subgroup called "against's men's rights" and proceeded to attack MRA's from there. It also began to dox MRA websites outside Rebbit.

The big attack came from an unexpected angle, a group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This is an old school civil rights organization which is used as an information source by law enforcement and the media. The SPLC declared the male rights movement to be a hate group, basically wanting equal rights puts you at the same level of a KKK member. SRS actually managed to convince the SPLC to do this... unbelievable, but true. The SPLC later released a statement saying it was just a "warning" but the damage had been done.

SRS vs Lulzsec Edit

Lulz Security was a hacking group who became big in 2011. They were mostly griefers who enjoyed fucking with corporate websites but also indulged in some "hacktivism" supporting wikileaks. A SRS member called Laurelai managed to work herself into the group. (I'm using the gender pronoun "she" because it's polite) Once there Laurelai demanded that lulzsec start attacking SRS's own enemy list, when lulzsec refused she tried to blackmail them, and when that didn't work Laurelai told the FBI who they were and handed the feds lulzsec chatlogs as evidence.

SRS vs Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Edit

OWS was a protest against corruption in the financial industry and income/wealth inequality, or at least it started that way. When the OWS movement was starting up SRS managed to gain control of the social media sites which the protesters used to organize. The control of these allowed SRS to push their own ideology onto the movement and ultimately destroy it.

One of the things they introduced was "the progressive stack", this is an organizational tool which discriminates against straight white men in favor of the people in the SRS privilege pyramid. SRS's attempts to control OWS and change it from an economic protest into an SRS style social justice movement made organization impossible as any attempt to create coherent goals or leadership was "oppression." The lack of leadership, combined with the active discrimination against men, meant that OWS disintegrated.

SRS vs /pol/ Edit

/pol/ is SRS's latest target. SRS is attempting to gain moderator status on /pol/. They think getting this will give them a platform to spread their ideology to the 4chan user base and enhance their reputation online.

SRS has been shitposting on all boards across 4chan since December 2012. Then they use these threads created by their sockpuppets as evidence on /q/. /q/ was set up to discuss 4chan itself and offer constructive criticism, if you go to /q/ now you will find at least half the threads are dedicated to modding or deleting /pol/. They hope their actions will force Moot to appoint them as mods or delete the board entirely and set up a new on which they could become mods on.

Relationships Edit

Reddit is a subsidiary of Condé Nast whose parent company is Advance Publications, [3] which according to Wikipedia owns a 31% stake in Discovery Communications whose host Tara Long was doxxed and threatened shortly after criticizing Gamergate activists.

References Edit

  1. Silenced for not actually saying anything,
  2. The Fappening, Know Your Meme,
  3. Peter Kafka, Conde Nast Spins Out Reddit, Without Letting Go, All Things D, September 6, 2011,

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