Redzos10 is a 13-year-old who received death threats over Twitter on June 23, 2014 for saying that "A comedian's job is to find where the line is and purposely cross it no matter how far it may be." In response to that statement;

@crushingbort posted a picture from Redzos10's Facebook

@solikebasically said:

go suck the human shit out from underneath yr fingernails &sanitize yr outtie-belliebutton-lookin-dick idiot

Another Twitter user told @solikebasically "if you can get home addresses for scumfucks, my knife is awfully lonely lately."

After Redzos10 failed to rise to the bait of @TrickIX calling him a "baby", @TrickIX said "I guess somebody needs to make you fear for your physical safety then"

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