ReverseSolipsistc is a Reddit user who reported that a game developer friend in Chicago was promoting "the attack feminism gaming bullshit" to save his career.

Gamergate report Edit

One of my best friends is a game developer in Chicago, and his facebook is full of the attack feminism gaming bullshit all the time. I went to his wall to have discussions about it over and over, and no matter how reasonable I was, his opinions were always lock-step in line with the Anita Sarkeesian / Zoe Quinn party line. His friends were mean as shit to me.

I didn't want to let it go, though, and eventually he had a conversation off of facebook where he told me that I need to stay off his wall because I'm affecting his career. He told me that being in these people's good graces results in good publicity for him, silence results in no publicity, and disagreeing with them gets him blackballed from the indy dev community. He told me specifically that Zoe Quinn is a friend on his facebook and that she could see all the conversations and that he couldn't upset her for fear of his career. ~Here is a brief snippet of that conversation, some of which happened face-to-face~ (I had a conversation with that friend, and he says I misunderstood him, so I took it down. I stand my interpretation, though I consider him an honest individual). The context is that I was disagreeing with some of her public comments on his wall, which is what he was referring to as "being a dick." Basically, he was telling me that I can't disagree with the gaming aggro-feminist position of Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian if I want my projects to be successful.

Now, one of my friends is an indy game developer and I watched courtside while this whole thing happened over the last few years. The fucked up thing is that he and I can't talk about it on his facebook and when we're at events because if people think he's not in line, his Rock Paper Shotgun support gets pulled and other indie devs will blacklist him. He now pushes all this shit on his personal facebook page because if he's not in the club, he's invisible.

According to the anonymous Facebook friend in Chicago, in a conversation dated March 31 to April 1:

Also if you're ever interested in pursuing game development further, you really don't want to be a dick to Zoe (or any other game developer, really); that's just not a good idea.

If you do decide to do that, do it on your own wall. Seriously.

Related issues Edit

Feminism Edit

ReverseSolipsist claims to have studied feminism academically.

I was a feminist for a long time. Studied at academically. I have a very nuanced and complex view of feminists. I know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

Buuuut I always get that. Criticize feminism:

"You need to talk to feminists"

"Read a book"

"Educate yourself"

Whatever, man.

I have a minor in women's studies and was a feminist for years. Fuck off.

Jesus fucking christ, man. I have a minor in gender studies.

This is part of the goddamn problem with you people. Any time someone says something that doesn't conform to your dogma you should that they need to educate themselves. Well I did.

Your turn.

I minored in gender studies so that I could get to know the lay of the land, I did research in psychology so I know how social science research is done, I got a masters in physics so I know how analyze data myself. I don't need to inherit my opinion from bloggers, or published authors, or feminist academics. I'm educated, capable, intelligent, and I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Ethics and retaliation Edit

ReverseSolipsist claims to have once been fired for refusing to follow an unethical order.

I don't know if you've ever had a career that you put years and years of work into, but I have. And I was careering away at my career until one day I was asked to do something that I felt is unethical. People around me agreed with me, but didn't want to rock the boat, and people above me wanted it to happen for complicated reasons. Whatever those reasons, it fell on me to do something I though was wrong. So I didn't do it. I stood up for myself, I stuck by my principles, and I didn't do it.

Then they fired me. Now I'm unemployed and I don't have a career anymore. End of story.