Sirius is a U.S. government program to use videogames to train analysts to recognize their cognitive biases. It is a project of the Office of Incisive Analysis of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), an arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. [1]


The CYCLES project, short for Cycles of Your Cognitive Learning, Expectations, and Schema, is a four-year government-funded program starting in 2011 to "develop a computer game that will teach players how to recognize six common cognitive decision-making biases: confirmation bias, fundamental attribution bias, bias blind spot, representativeness bias, anchoring bias and projection bias." [2]

Participants Edit

Four of them are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication. [2]

1st Playable Productions Edit

1st Playable Productions is contracted to develop the game.

Funding Edit

CYCLES was sponsored by the Sirius Program and funded by a $8.7-million contract from the U.S. Air Force. [2]

Relationship to Gamergate Edit

CYCLES participant Adrienne Shaw is the subject of a Sargon of Akkad video about DiGRA.

8chan allegation Edit

An 8chan user said:

The twitters of IARPA and Minerva Project are followed by anti-gg people who all follow each other. There are no pro-gg following these twitters.

Here's a few of them:

References Edit

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