Gamergate Edit

The Escapist was notable for being one of the few websites to allow any discussion of Gamergate in August 2014.

Shortly after September 23, The Escapist banned user Mr.Doh for "GamerGate Discussion, Debate, and Resources" after that user admitted to contributing to Know Your Meme. [1]

Thread lock Edit

On November 1, the Escapist briefly locked its Gamergate discussion thread. [2] Mr.Doh began distributing a pamphlet accusing the moderators of colluding against commentators. [1] The thread was re-opened within 24 hours. [3]

Commentary Edit

Context from the Reddit discussion of the lock. [2]


Thread was locked due to repeated complaints about mod inaction regarding certain AGGros ("forum aristocrasy") derailing.

Eirianwen, again:

Mr. Doh's moderation is tinfoil tbh 'cause we all had to keep reminding him low content warnings :D but there's a lot that isn't. It's more mod inaction rather than action that has been causing concern.


That idiot (Mr. Do) was breaking multiple rules and deserved the ban. Now they've pissed off the staff.

fwahfwah citing moderator TopazFusion:

"If a thread turns into a moderation bitch-fest, it gets locked. GamerGate threads are not immune to this judgement."

The Brovengers Edit

According to Brovengers founder Daystar Clarion: [4]

I don't remember the specifics, but from what I recall, me and Hazy992 had a habit of posting whimsical nonsense in troll or otherwise pointless threads. This sort of made us a duo (or 'bros') and eventually, other posters joined in. This was around the time The Avengers was coming to cinemas so we rolled with the idea of The Brovengers, a group of posters who fought against the evil of boredom

PsychicTaco115 sent me a PM around that time, suggesting that no superhero team is complete with a team of super villains, and the Injustice League was born to mock oppose all our mock hero efforts. .

Accusations regarding Gamergate Edit

According to Mr.Doh:

The Escapist maintains a private group called The Brovengers that does not have to follow site rules, and where they plan trolling on pro-GG members of the forums, plan raids on pro-GG threads, and make fun of non SJW gamers in general... They break forum rules to troll pro-GG members, and the Community Manager covers for them.

According to Escapist manager Archon: [3]

I personally reviewed hundreds of posts on Brovengers. I saw no evidence of conspiracy and no evidence of raids.

Personnel Edit


  • Caliostro aka @ProxyDamage
  • DigitalSushi
  • DrStrangelove
  • Eleuthera
  • EscapeGoat aka JimAlexParker
  • Jonathan Bolding aka JonB
  • maddawg IAJI
  • Marter
  • Mike Hoffman aka @TheMikeHoff
  • Nasrin aka @BANparty
  • NewClassic aka @NukeLassic
  • Scde2
  • TimeLord
  • TopazFusion

References Edit

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