The Fine Young Capitalists are a group who raised funds for a women's game jam, specifically a charity game jam for women. Due to massed donations (over $23,600) from the /v/ board on 4chan, they agreed to put a /v/-designed character named Vivian James in finished version of their game.

Women In Video Games Edit

SillySladar reports Edit

On April 4, SillySladar reported: [1]

We ran a program for women developers, and we said that Trans people could join as long as they transitioned before the start of the contest. This means that they self identified as a woman before the start of the contest.

A trans activist misunderstood that and started an online boycott because they though people needed a sex change operation to join in. There was literally nothing we could do, and still a month later we have people telling their friend not to sign up because we transphobic.

This kind of community literally just wants to punish someone. Feminists were protesting based on a issue that actually didn't exist, and was causing women developers to be denied money based on something that was clearly wrong. There is no though there is only anger and it doesn't matter if people they support are being hurt.

And the language on the fucking form was

"Participant has self identified as Woman before the date of March 4 2014"

On May 21, SillySladar reported: [2]

We are running a female game project and groups like hers are literally protesting us. Honestly speaking if anyone is working in the female game design phase and can tell us how do deal with her group please PM me.

The main issue is that we chose to focus on the game women created and not how they were oppressed. And to imply that they needed help having the game come together.

We got hate mail because we said women were unrepresented in game development. We got hate mail because we didn't put the women's picture up front (This was the largest complaint, that even though 90% of the project is women we didn't put picture of them up front.)

We gave each woman a production crew to visualize their game. And then were to have the internet vote on the best one. And Zoe Quinn one of her follow decided to eat us alive. We are still working on the concepts so when we release them it will hopefully blow over.

We couldn't get online coverage because she or one of her followers would literally tell reporter not to cover us. We had to follow twitter religiously to stop people from spreading lies. It took us $30 an applicant to get women to hear about the contest so we could give them $2500 worth of studio time, with no strings attached.

Honestly women in gaming are the least supportive people ever. Unless it's a woman being oppressed or a character in the game it's just fuck them.

If anyone actually wants to cover it we have the emails, the tweets, the work that is being done. It's hilariously story but absolutely not one wants to cover it.

On June 26, SillySladar claimed that a news site had pulled a story on TFYC because of complaints from Zoe Quinn and her friends. [3]

As a writer and a social activist being open to the audience reaction is fine but listening to them is the first step to insanity.

And as someone that actually dealt with a feminist video game group, crashing my site because the person leading the brigade got more hits from lying then we did from telling the truth, these movement are clearly a form of censorship. We had news sites refusing to covering us and one pulled a story because of it.

On July 23, SillySladar complained: [4]

Does anyone actually work in the Game Journalism industry and want a story on actual sexism.

We've been doing this project that actually address the issue with research and literally speaking EVERY video game journalist we've spoken with has dropped the ball. Literally everyone turned into a SJW and straight up made up shit.

Every person we've talked to in the "industry" loves the project and loves the data but every female video game journalist we've spoken to is dumber then a bag of hammers.

We are published in two weeks and it's been like pulling teeth.

We offered women free money to design a game. Literally free money with no string attached to design their game to get investors interested.

We did it determine which women were most likely to engage in starting business in male dominated field and as a mean of identify them to recruiters (I.E. These women are interested in taking risk and starting companies.) You had to fill out a small questioner, and explain your idea and we basically gave money to the top five people.

No woman who engaged in any social group for woman's right in gaming engaged with the program. I.E. we wrote them a letter saying here is some free money to design a game, and they said no.

Many told their member not to engage in the project. Two literally lied about what the program was about and tried to use it as a means of saying they were oppressed. And we have all their emails, on record.

It's the most nerd bating story you can possibly imagine but no one will engage with us on it.

She didn't respond...

But the major player in trying to get people to boycott PAX over the Dick Wolves thing did and she said if was offensive and told people not to engage with us.

And the woman that everyone references as the woman who received death threats over trying to get her game Greenlit on Steam, basically told us to fuck off, and then got her followers to crash our site and her followers sent us a death threat (It wasn't her just a crazy follower) And her lying about what the project is about is all on Twitter.

Later on July 23, SillySladar posted a description to /r/TiADiscussion. [5]

We gave money, to women so they could create demo to present their idea. Female journalists, Female Internet Celebrities, and the Internet in general used it as a way of saying they were oppressed.

Anita Sarkeesian is not involved...

The line that was said multiple times was "We don't want to get woman involved in business, we just want to teach them skills." When we mentioned that... maybe they'd learn something by working with professionals to get their game made, and the fact that the majority of money raised would go to them, (Only if their a register non-profit) they hung up. When we contact non women based technological groups they all were on board. So if it was a minority, or just under privileged kids they would basically say "We want to help you," but if it was women they would so no.

So we don't like to do this, but we started sending email to woman on Youtube and who speak at convention telling them about the contest. We addressed it to people like this saying specifically they would own the rights to their idea, they would get their art produced, and the money would go to charity. They were not obligated to go to crowd funding.

We stopped because no one answered in email form, but would write on Twitter how offended they were about it (No one ever responded to us to explain why.) And when we engaged with them on Twitter they would say how it's exploiting women. We would often address the money would go to charity, that they owned the art, and that all the money was going to a woman's production in the developing world and this would just make them angrier.

We then went to game journalists, specifically female game journalists and tell them what was going on. They would asked us to write about how woman were oppressed in the industry. Now... I know statistically how many women are working in the industry, and I know the major factor involving female employment but I don't tell people stories about how woman X was oppressed. Mostly because one person story isn't a trend.

As soon as that became clear and we were trying to help women, the majority the female journalist did not engage, and the majority of them started writing about how the contest was offensive to women or wrote really condensing emails back. We assumed this would start a nerd war so stuck to the script of "Profits go to charity, and no one loses control of their idea." None of them published an article about it, but they would spend the time to insult us via email. These are not small blog but are actually new sites that trend on r/games

So in the talking to Youtube and Tumblr people. We engaged with a woman who's entire purpose (I.E. if you Google her name only stories about how she was oppressed when she put her game into Greenlight.) seemed to talk about how she was obsessed. She got extremely angry about the production, and when we responded to her questions, she got angrier. During the discussion she doxxed myself, she got her followers to crash our site, she got as banned from twitter, and her members (Not her) sent us one threat of physical violence and one death threat to my account. It's important to mentioned that as of the time of writing her game was Greenlit (The game was already completed before it was put on Greenlight) over 5 months ago and still isn't on Steam. The reason I mention this is that her game was produced in HTML and Javascript (Which is why I assumed it wasn't on Steam.) and the reason we contracted her is that we wanted to transfer her game to c++ with actual graphic so it could go on Greenlight.

We have no idea what to do at this point. Almost all the art of the games is done but we are worried about presenting it publicly and getting doxxed again and people printing lies about us.

Doxxing allegations Edit

SillySladar accused Maya Kramer of doxxing TFYC on behalf of Zoe Quinn. [6] [7]

Okay the doxing was done here and it was done by her friend who was speaking to Zoey. They talk every day so it's pretty clear it was Zoey.

The video's in question were these ones

That was also the post that they banned us from Twitter for because we replied to it showing the video that were created. They saw the videos as offensive.

Further investigation found that Destructoid writer Aerox47 had doxxed TFYC. Maya Kramer retweeted it. [8] [9]

Twitter ban Edit

Around February 28, TFYC was banned from Twitter for posting a link to a video series on Gender Studies In Video Games. The ban was lifted after a few hours. [7]

Peace Treaty Edit

The Fine Young Capitalists accused Zoe Quinn of breaking the terms of a "PeaceTalk" negotition. TFYC concluded:

We feel Zoe is extremely suspect as she has lied to us on every occasion, she has deliberately misrepresented information as well as openly bribed us to change our story. We strongly suggest people should be very careful when dealing with her.

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References Edit

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