Twitter bans Edit

  • On or before September 7, Twitter banned CameraLady for reporting on Gamergate. [1] As of September 22, the account has not been restored.
  • On September 13, atheist commentator Thunderf00t was banned. As of September 22, the account has not been restored. The account was restored several weeks later.
  • Around November 13, Twitter banned @AnAnonIsFineToo, described by supporter @FeelMyHeel1 as "one of the nicer people in #GamerGate." Another commenter noted that @AnAnonIsFineToo had been posting pornography as part of #OpPostLewds.
  • On November 14, Alex Strauss reported that "20 people who followed me just got suspended (stats site told me)."

Feminist twitter wars of January 2014 Edit

Åsk Wäppling alleges that " Vabvox and other active journalists" were suspended from Twitter "during the feminist twitter wars in January." [2]

Disagreement policy Edit

Beginning in late October 2014, Twitter began accepting reports for "disagreement with my opinion" as a category of "abusive or harassing behavior."

WAM Partnership Edit

In early November 2014, Twitter granted the activist group Women, Action, and the Media (WAM) authority to read abuse reports and mark them for expedited action by Twitter administrators. WAM is composed of two individuals, Jaclyn Friedman and Mina Farzad. [4]

A November 7 news article about this arrangement by Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic opens by making references to threats against Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, [4] which the news media has widely blamed on critics of corruption in games journalism. This led to speculation that the arrangement might be intended to identify and censor critics and whistleblowers.

WAM associations Edit

Anita Sarkeesian was a speaker at the 2011 Women, Action & Media Conference in Los Angeles. [5]

References Edit

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