Samuel Collingwood Smith is a Conservative politician-turned-activist known online by the pseudonyms Matthew Hopkins[1] and Vordrak.[2] Smith operates a blog called and a subreddit called "TheGGGreatWork".[3]

Smith served on Welwyn Hatfield's Borough Council from June 2005 to 2008, representing its Haldens ward.[4] In March 2009, Smith abandoned the Labour Party and joined the Conservative Party.[5][6] Later that month, Smith claimed, "Liberal policy poses a greater threat to our children than Tanya French does," while discussing Liberal Democrat drug reform proposals on an online forum operated by Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps. Smith's comment was met with criticism, and the comment was deleted from the forum.[2] Smith soon apologized for the comment.[7]

Smith claimed that in 2010, lawyers working for Evanescence singer Amy Lee forced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented him from reporting what he alleged to be drug offenders and pedophiles on the EvThreads forum to the authorities.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14] In November 2011, John Hemming created a motion in Parliament in support of Smith's claims that received the support of Mike Hancock and Peter Bottomley.[15] In July 2012, Hemmings presented a petition to Parliament in support of Smith's claims.[16] Smith's claims resulted in Anonymous targeting Amy Lee and the closure of[8][9]

In 2013, Smith claimed on his blog that the Labour Party had mocked and looked down on Hatfield resident, calling them "fifth-class citizens", while he had been a member. Welwyn Hatfeild Labour Party Councilor Kieran Thorpe responded by saying that what Smith claimed was "quite wrong" and insisted that the residents of Welwyn Hatfield knew that everything Smith said should be taken "more than a pinch of salt to hand".[1]

In March 2015, Smith sent a letter of claim to the operators of Block Bot, a bot meant to block offensive and abusive messages from Twitter, and wrote what Breitbart called an "exposé" on the Block Bot.[17]

In July 2015, Smith was banned from Wikipedia after he threatened to release the personal information of Wikipedia editors.[1] Smith alleges that his criticism and threats of "negative media scrutiny" motivated the ban. Breitbart credits Smith with exposing what Smith alleges is conflict of interest revisions to Wikipedia by Mark Bernstein and editors with connections to The Guardian.[3]


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