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Weak & Crays, also known as WeakCrays, hacked the Hitbox page of the Ralph Retort. [1]

Associates Edit

Weak & Crays gave dedications to Erootik, SakiZ, Strxqz, Flo0975, Beery, Mike Tyson, DvZ, Yanis, CR3T0X, VikkStar, Laden, B3zHp7z, Ismail, KBueno, Boosterz, GMT, Bonochapo, Whyouuu, Rakaira, Nikz GTP, xSundy, CreeZixKy, Gradur, Dje, titikiller57, Kun, AcklinPs, Redouy28, Posi, and Capetlevrai.

Industry connections Edit

Capetlevrai is Alexandre Capetta, the founder of GamersConnexion and [2] GamersConnexion is partnered with Daily Motion. [3] Investors in Daily Motion include Fred Destin and French telco Orange. [4]

References Edit


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