Womp Wobble is a Gamergate wiki that was raised on August 30. Twitter users @TerrorTacos and @Baconfromhell seem to be involved in running the site.

September 11 DoS attack Edit

On September 11, TerrorTacos reported that Wompwobble had come under a denial-of-service attack. After failing to flood the site, the attacker attempted to overload the SQL server by mass-creating wiki user accounts.

Baconfromhell posted a counter showing 11GB of traffic to the site in the month of September. TerrorTacos reported "bandwidth costs over $500." Zedrik Cayne questioned the bandwidth cost, stating that Wompwobble's host GNAX does not charge for traffic. GNAX offers 2TB of unmetered bandwidth per month for its cloud customers.

Suspension Edit

At some point before October 3, 2014, Wompwobble was suspended by GNAX.

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